My Dentist Pal helps dentists with patient management

My Dentist Pal LogoHealth-related startups have been popular here at e27 of late. Today we feature My Dentist Pal, which has recently launched as a patient-management service for dental professionals.

My Dentist Pal is the brainchild of Cloudwalk Digital, a team that designs and executes cloud-based solutions. Managing partner Marc Medina, who is also co-founder at Bolooka, an e-commerce solution strongly tied to one’s social networks, says the service is targeted at dentists and dental professionals interested in using the free service in managing their patient records and appointments. My Dentist Pal has just launched this week with the North chapter of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA).

In an interview with e27, Marc says the main purpose of the service is to replace the usual paper-based records that dentists keep for their patients. “The main functionality is to automate Filipino dental clinics,” Marc says, noting that dental clinics in the Philippines are still mostly using manual methods of keeping track of their clients. “One of the features is to schedule client appointments,” he adds.

Digital replacement for dental charts

The app is web-based, although it is iPad-ready, which makes it a potential replacement for the card- or paper-based charts that dentists use while treating patients. “Since the site is iPad-ready, the dentist can use it for their patient records. The dentist can access the dental chart, where previous treatments have been recorded, such as fillings and extractions.”

Going beyond the clinic, Marc says My Dentist Pal will also come in handy when a client needs help while the dentist is away from the clinic or office. “If you’re a dentist on vacation, you can access the patient profile anytime.” And it’s not just about patient profiles and scheduling. The app also does basic accounting, so dental professionals can keep track of their receivables. “My Dentist Pal will turn your practice into a paperless dental clinic,” Marc stresses.

Similar health-related startups in the region focus on finding doctors and dentists for possible appointments. However, this practice — or at least advertising one’s services — seems to be banned in the Regulatory Code of Ethics for dentists by the PDA and the Philippine Regulatory Commission. However, given that the developers are not limiting their market to the Philippines, a “dentist finder” feature is in the works.

Looking for partners in the region

A future development would be a native mobile application, in which the app can be installed directly on the iPad (or perhaps even Android tablets), thereby adding onto the functionality of the service.

As for the funding and business model, Marc says My Dentist Pal is bootstrapped. The big come-on for dentists is that it is free to use, with My Dentist Pal using advertising as its main business model for now. The team is also looking for dentist associations in the region or even internationally to partner with, noting that the app is not necessarily limited to the Philippines or any country.

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