NHN Singapore launches DragonSaga SEA

DragonSaga SEA by NHN SingaporeNHN Singapore has launched its maiden game release, the MMORPG DragonSaga SEA.

South Korean internet giant NHN is actively expanding into the Southeast Asian markets, particularly with mobile messaging apps (LINE) and mobile games. The company’s Singapore subsidiary has just announced its first online game release, DragonSaga Southeast Asia.

The game is a 3-dimensional side-scroller developed by Korean developer Gravity Games Co. and localized for the Southeast Asia market. Players gain access to upgrades, which include new dungeons and an increase of the maximum character level from 40 to 60. In addition, the opening of DragonSea SEA’s Cash Shop enables players to buy their tools, weapons and other items to help them through their journey within the game world and in their battles against other players and opponents.

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Gravity Games is no stranger to online multiplayer games, having been the developer behind Dragonica and Dragonraja. Dragonica, for one has garnered a worldwide audience of 1.5 million, and is currently seeing success in its gaming platform to the U.S., Japan, Europe and Taiwan. NHN Singapore, meanwhile, is planning to launch a gaming community portal for the Southeast Asian market, which will feature console-quality online games and casual mobile games in various genres.

See the game trailer below.


DragonSaga SEA is accessible via dragonsaga.gsquare.com, and works on Windows machines.

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