Notes mapper Mohiomap launches Japanese version


The notes mapper for Evernote, Mohiomap, announced  that it is available in Japanese too, hoping to expand its user base numbers


Mohiomap, the data visualization mapper for Evernote, announced while pitching at e27‘s Echelon 2014 Japan Satellite Conference, held in Tokyo today,  that the website will be available in Japanese too. The introduction of the additional language will help the company enter the Japanese market, which is historically difficult to penetrate due to language barriers.

According to Mohiomap, Japan has one of the largest number of users of the website.

Mohio, the parent company of Mohiomap was founded in New Zealand in late 2012 by Christian Hirsch. It helps people visualize their notes on Evernote through a simple user interface and functions like search, filter and navigate. While it is it based in Auckland, the adoption of the website is international.

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Besides Japanese and English, the website is available in Korean and German too.

Earlier this week, Mohiomap announced that besides Evernote, users can now visualise their Dropbox content too.

Mohiomap’s current investors include Sparkbox Investments, NZVIF Investments, GD1 (Global from Day One Fund), Lewis Holdings, and a range of other smaller/individual investors.

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