From Archives: Guide to Philippines’ startup ecosystem: Kickstart Ventures' Minette Navarrete

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Jun 19, 2015

Globe Telecom's VC arm Kickstart Ventures will invest rounds of US$1M to US$5M at the Series A stage and beyond from its new US$50M fund Read More

Now you can directly talk to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

By Twishy Shahi | Jun 19, 2015

Newly launched app helps citizens know about the PM's day-to-day activities and gives an opportunity to receive messages directly from him Read More

6 things to look at before turning to family, friends for seed round

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Jun 19, 2015

Question: What do I need to know about raising a seed round from family and friends before I start? Read More

flipClass aims to become the Flipkart for private tuitions in India

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 19, 2015

flipClass, which raised funding through LetsVenture, has an active database of over 2,500 students and 5,000 experienced tutors on board Read More

Digital nomads start their work-travel adventure Remote Year in Prague

By geektime | Jun 19, 2015

A peek at Remote Year: an initiative that is targetted towards an increasingly important component of the global workforce - digital nomads Read More

Ageism in the tech startup world: hot debate at Echelon 2015

By Sandra Au | Jun 19, 2015

Which adage holds true in tech: 'You can’t teach an old dog new tricks' or 'Old is gold'? Eight Echelon speakers weigh in on the debate Read More

SoftBank, Alibaba, Foxconn want to put robots in your home

By Rahil Bhagat | Jun 18, 2015

Pepper, a humanoid robot made by SoftBank, Foxconn and Alibaba as part of a US$590M joint venture, will go on sale on the 20th of June for US$1,600 Read More

Hong Kong property platform Spacious nabs US$3 million

By Donna Louisse | Jun 18, 2015

The company intends to further expand into Southeast Asia; has launched pilot sites in Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei Read More

Jakarta's Qraved hits 1M monthly UVs; eyes Surabaya and Bandung

By Iris Leung | Jun 18, 2015

The food inspiration and discovery platform looks to tighten its hold on the Indonesian market, said Co-Founder and CEO Steven Kim Read More

The most ridiculous ideas that eventually became successful startups

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 18, 2015

From Snapchat to PayPal, every 'ridiculous' idea was mocked at by the so-called 'experts' before they conquered the world Read More

Meet WAY, a chic and compact device for your skin

By Elaine Huang | Jun 18, 2015

South Korean startup WayWearable has got it right with its ongoing crowdfunding project for WAY, a smart device for your skin Read More

SB-ISAT Fund: It’s difficult to find worthy Indonesian startups

By DailySocial | Jun 18, 2015

Only US$50,000 out of the allocated US$50 million has been spent on investment, due to dearth of worthy players Read More

Rocket Internet's Lamudi acquires Indonesia property site Propertykita

By Rahil Bhagat | Jun 18, 2015

The acquisition, like others, comes as Rocket Internet-owned Lamudi tries to gain larger presence in Asia Read More

Monk's Hill Ventures now backed by Yahoo Japan -- and Samurais?

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Jun 18, 2015

Japanese venture capital leaving the country to travel south is nothing new. Going as far back as 2013, reports have commented on the surge of Japanese investments into Southeast Asia Read More

Echelon 2015: The Grand Prix of Asia's transport matching apps

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Jun 18, 2015

Uber, GrabTaxi and GoGoVan continue to make headlines with their activities in Asia. Catch all three at Echelon Asia Summit 2015 Read More

Turkish Airlines plays wing man to aspiring startups

By Yon Heong Tung | Jun 18, 2015

Investors flying with Turkish Airlines can now sit back and be wowed by pitches during the flight with Invest on Board service Read More

The 6 types of entrepreneurs

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Jun 17, 2015

World changer, opportunist, wantrepreneur - there are six major types of entrepreneurs out there, and you likely fall into one of these categories Read More

India’s field service management app startup FieldEZ eyes Southeast Asia

By Sainul Abudheen K | Jun 17, 2015

FieldEZ, an IvyCap- and IDG-backed B2B startup, has close to 25,000 clients across Asia, US and Canada, says its Co-founder Jinaraj PG Read More

#Startups, we want you: Twitter APAC MD of Sales Aliza Knox

By Rahil Bhagat | Jun 17, 2015

Knox talks Twitter's plans for the region, how it intends to work with the startup community and growth of platforms like Periscope Read More

Pie's Co-founder talks Apple Watch following US$1.2M Series A

By Michael de Waal-Montgomery | Jun 17, 2015

Pie Co-founder Pieter-Paul Walraven shares his Apple Watch philosophy as the team polishes its wearable offering after a new funding round Read More

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