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Omise raises US$300K; can it be Thailand’s Stripe and Square?

Thailand-based Omise is looking to launch its payments API and app this September at Echelon Thailand 2014 Thailand-based payments startup Omise yesterday announced receiving seed funding of US$300,000 from Indonesia- and Japan-centric venture capital firm East Ventures. According to Ezra Don Harinsut, Co-founder and COO, Omise, the one-year-old company will use the funds to boost


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So you think apps in the app store are safe?

A classic example of misconfiguration is the misuse of personal cloud services through apps residing on smartphones and tablets Today’s world, without doubt, is a world empowered with high tech devices. In fact, we’ve almost reached a stage where mobiles phones will outnumber humans! According to a Gartner report, nearly 2.2 billion mobile phones and



[Singapore] 3 easy ways to get started on the sharing lifestyle

Begin the sharing lifestyle with 3 tips from Sharing Economy Association of Singapore’s first public talk! Synopsis: The Sharing Economy Association of Singapore is excited to announce our FIRST public talk. We will reveal 3 life hacks on getting started with the sharing lifestyle! Event details: Start: Thursday, 28 August, 2014 07:00 p.m. End: Thursday, 28 August,