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Cyber Agent Ventures leads an investment for Kurio

The funding will be used to further develop the product of the Indonesian smart news reader and recruit talent It seems that more and more Indonesian local startups are attracting the attention of global investors. Just take a look at Kurio smart news reader, which has just sealed a majestic funding from Japan-based Cyber Agent Ventures



Protect your videos, pictures and mission-critical data with EaseUS

EaseUS gives users the power to manage disk partitions, create backups, as well as recover data should anything unexpected happen to their disk drives Imagine having your laptop full of cherished photos and videos with your loved ones, save files of your favourite RPG game, and music you’ve bought from iTunes or Rhapsody. Now imagine



[Thailand] Free Seminar – How to earn revenue through a site

Promo Company and JetRadar present a free seminar on how webmasters can earn revenue through their sites Synopsis: Currently, the e-commerce is considered to play an important role in doing business online, and has let businesses dramatically grow and made their owners a big fortune. That said, another revenue channel is available aside from e-commerce, and that is being