Pinoy Auto Trader shares car selling guide with tips and best practices


Pinoy Auto Trader guide for car sellers in the PhilippinesPinoy Auto Trader offers a handy guide for selling your car in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, your car is almost an extension of your own self. But when the time comes to sell your car, it’s not always that easy to find the right buyer or the right deal. Pinoy Auto Trader — which launched in November 2012 as a portal for matching the right car buyers with the right seller — has released a short car buying and selling guide for Filipino motorists.

“[W]ith your car depreciating everyday, you need to be showcasing your car to serious, targeted buyers to get a quick sell for the right price,” the guide says. It covers everything from your selling options, whether to privately sell or go through a dealer, preparing your car, maintenance, cleaning, paperwork, writing great ad copy, taking good pictures, pricing it right and handling payments.

Perhaps most important for first-time car owners and buyers — particularly in the used car market — would be how to handle the paperwork, ensuring that everything is in order. This will be especially important to avoid any inconveniences down the line, and to avoid buying a hot (stolen!) car. The guide also offers a few explanations on the nuances of selling or buying a car in the Philippines, such as the usual practice of “open-ended” deeds of sale, which often increase the value of a car because of the reduced number of “owners” on paper.

Check out the Pinoy Auto Trader Ultimate Car Selling Guide for the Philippines (PDF download).

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