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News  22, Mar 2013

Pitchpigeon launches version 2 with brand new interface

Pitchpigeon blogPreviously known as Peter the Penguin, Pitchpigeon is a news-site pinging service for tech startups that also helps to craft their launch messages or pitches using templates drafted by veteran tech journalists. Ever since its launch early this year, Pitchpigeon has gone through many changes such as re-branding, expanding to mobile, and has now launched its second version.

New Interface of PitchpigeonThe newer Pitchpigeon is now designed to be used with your business on an ongoing basis as a PR tool, just like how a company uses a project manager tool or a CRM tool. It’s like a PR manager in the cloud.

Users are now able to send and track press releases to over 200 tech journalists and blogs (including e27), automatically gather press clippings from the web, and also automatically put all your company information into instant press kits for distribution.

Basically, the Pitchpigeon new interface has been designed from the ground-up and now allows companies to organize PR projects into apps (or projects). This is great for studios with more than one app or startups releasing multiple products. Each app is divided up into sections.

Other updates include a brand new admin user interface that remains simple, a revised pricing and a function that shows view counts of extended reports. Sounds like what your public relations agency was doing all these while for you isn’t? Why not try out Pitchpigeon? After all, this manager only costs US$29 a month.

Elizabeth Tan

Elizabeth Tan

A graduate from NUS and an alumnus of NUS Overseas College India, Elizabeth has written for several online publications ranging from community, to fitness and now, e27. Ever since her stint in India, she found herself increasingly interested in startups and wanting to immerse herself further into its ecosystem. She used to own her own blogshop and now co-runs a tech company. Elizabeth is also a certified yoga instructor, specializing in Ashtanga yoga and loves all things Thai. Sometimes, she even wishes she were Thai.

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