Plants vs. Zombies studio lays off unspecified number of employees


PopCap Games’ HD team responsible for PvZ: Garden Warfare was not affected by staff cuts

Image credit: EA

Image credit: EA

The company behind the Plants vs. Zombies franchise has been hit with an unspecified number of layoffs.

A Polygon article said that the layoffs were done so that the company could stay on course for its future mobile plans. While the number is yet to be disclosed, a spokesperson said that the 40-person PopCap HD in-house team (the ones responsible for Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare) was not affected.

For context, the development team was split into two after the release of PvZ: Garden Warfare. One team handled console and PC titles (PopCap HD), while the other handled mobile games (PopCap). There isn’t any news on whether PopCap’s international branches are affected.

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Interesting to note: the Plants vs. Zombies brand is big in China due to the sequel being released on Tencent’s WeChat channel. PopCap China said that it will start bringing more EA mobile titles to the country when its 2014 fiscal year  starts.

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