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Business  11, Apr 2014

Portable Minecraft reached over 21 million copies in sales

The mobile version more than doubled the 10 million units sold on April 2013; developers to hold livestream to celebrate milestone

In 20 years time, the Minecraft franchise can make enough money for Mojang to build its own ISS. Image credit: Mojang


The sandbox create-a-thon game Minecraft transcends beyond gaming, going as far as being a part of pop culture and mainstream entertainment. As such, the portable version of the game sold an astronomical amount of copies because the mainstream crowd has always been playing on mobile devices and phones since forever.

Mojang’s lead developer Jens Bergensten announced on Twitter that Minecraft: Pocket Edition has sold over 21 million copies within a span of almost three years since its October 2011 debut. Previously, the portable version of the game (available on Android and iOS) reached 10 million copies near the tail end of April 2013. Future plans for this edition include bringing in larger worlds for players to explore and create on.

Mojang Chief Word Officer Owen Hill expressed his team’s thanks on the official studio blog. In addition, the lead developers of Minecraft will be hosting a livestream to commemorate this sales milestone on April 14. The three of them -Jens Bergensten, Johan Bernhardsson, and Tommaso Checchi- will be answering questions that are submitted on the official Reddit thread.

Mojang previously announced that the Minecraft franchise has helped double its profits in 2013 and has earned it US$130 million.




Jonathan Toyad

Jonathan Toyad

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