Pricify launches enhanced version PricifyPRO at Echelon 2014


The app incorporates a suite of data analytic tools that can identify and target customers through analysing their real-time behaviour

Image Courtesy: Pricify

Image Courtesy: Pricify

If you’re an e-commerce merchant, you’re probably aware of customers abandoning their cart at some point for various reasons. Pricify, an Australian startup based in Sydney and founded by Kiran Kumar and Ajay Mathew, has announced the release of its new service PricifyPRO at Echelon 2014 in Singapore. Winner of the Echelon Australia Satellite for both People’s Choice and Most Promising Startup, PricifyPRO is an enhanced version of Pricify app that will allow e-commerce retailers to track and intelligently target customers.

Shortly after the launch of its consumer web app Pricify, the founders faced enquiries from merchants about having a customisable Pricify widget on their sites. They wanted a way to capture sales alerts and leads, even if users didn’t have the widget present. PricifyPRO is the outcome of these requests, functioning as a value-added SaaS platform for online retailers.

PricifyPRO has been designed to gain insight into consumer intentions, using behavioural targeting to increase sales and leads. Currently in private beta testing in Australia, one Australian retailer, Rushfaster, is already reporting an uplift in conversions and leads from it. PricifyPRO incorporates a suite of data analytic tools that identify and target customers through analysing their real-time behaviour.

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How it works
PricifyPRO analyses user behaviour in real-time, segmenting them into different personas such as “Spend Thrift”, “Window Shopper”, “Bargain Hunter” and “Researcher”. Once a persona is identified, it allows merchants to engage users and try to convert a user who would have otherwise abandoned them.

Through PricifyPRO, e-commerce merchants can capture customer emails and develop a database, with the aim of converting visitors into customers through various incentive offerings. This allows online merchants to curate leads and offer deals tailored to the specific consumer profile of individual customers, as well as automated email leads keeping customers informed of the latest deals. It also empowers merchants to cross-sell and upsell complimentary products fitting the parameters of a customer’s profile.

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When asked about incentives for merchants to adopt PricifyPRO and the overall growth strategy, Pricify Co-founder Mathew shared that merchants would be granted a free 14-day trial of PricifyPRO, during which they can gauge the benefits in engagement, conversions and leads. He also shared plans to expand the reach of PricifyPRO, using other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce and WooCommerce as distribution channels.

In addition to these tools and incentives, Mathew also noted that PricifyPRO’s other strength lies in its simplicity, with retailers able to deploy it simply by installing it via a web plugin.

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