Roblox: the trending lovechild of Minecraft and LittleBigPlanet


The user-generated content-focussed game had 161,200 users logging in at its peak, with its livestream Twitch channel growing at an alarming rate


You’ve heard of sandbox create-a-thon games like Minecraft and Sony Computer Entertainment’s own LittleBigPlanet, with the former still on the pedestal of the most-played PC game across the world, including Southeast Asia. However, what would happen if you combine the two?

You get Roblox, a supposedly-unknown free-to-play title with its own growing fanbase.

Imagine if you have the simple and concept-level aesthetics of Minecraft with the build-your-own mechanics of LittleBigPlanet; that’s Roblox for you. Everything from its easy-to-learn-but-hard-to-master toolset to its user-generated games are all run from your browser. Even if you have no game idea to create, you can still play a robust number of user-created titles like Adventure Forward: Star Savior, War Tycoon and Cart Ride Tycoon Through a Scary Cave. The last one’s a mouthful.

The game had 161,200 concurrent players logged in simultaneously at its peak. That’s higher than the numbers on Valve’s zombie co-op shooter Left 4 Dead (161,000), though slightly lower than tactical shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (170,000). Since its 2005 debut, the game is still growing bit by bit, with the developers going so far as to compare its numbers with Valve’s distribution service Steam.

Lo and behold, a statistics chart to show which user-made game’s the most popular:


Here’s another chart of the hours spent on Roblox. It’s not bad, considering that games like DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be hard to overtake.


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So why these high numbers? While Roblox is targeted at gamers between 8 to 18 years of age, older players with creative sparks are also drawn to it. The game’s philosophy is that a member will start off as a player, but has the potential to be a creator. In short, people love to create stuff when given a robust toolset that’s also a game in itself.

A Venturebeat interview with Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki stated that the typical player spends more than 15 hours a week on the game, most likely due to its intuitive nature. “Since Roblox isn’t just about designing and coding and playing games — but is also a creative and social outlet for our builders and players — our community happily spends a lot of time here.”

Baszucki said that Roblox’s growing numbers is attributed to word of mouth. “Friends telling friends, social media, and videos all contribute to this. Our Twitch channel is one of the fastest growing channels, and we trended top 10 across the US and Canada on Twitter during our online fan convention on YouTube last September.”

The introduction of its Developer Exchange programme gives a huge incentive for more people to create games on the platform; it rewards the creators with cash if the games they make are popular. Baszucki said that some of its users have made more than US$10,000 and has given Roblox a lot more attention.

Will 2014 be the year of Roblox amidst the worldwide gaming landscape that’s plastered with heavy hitters from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo? Who knows, but it seems that the seemingly little company is gaining momentum with its push towards user-generated content.

Jonathan Toyad

If you want an elaborate answer on who would win in a fight between Ultraman and Godzilla, Jonathan Toyad is your man. A six-year veteran in the game journalism industry, he did words and videos for outlets such as GameSpot, GameAxis, IGN and Stuff.TV. Fears coyotes and scorched earths.

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  • Wow

    Roblox came before mine craft and lbp

  • piematt

    roblox was made before minecraft and little big planet
    are you stupid

  • pig

    Minecraft came in 2009, but Roblox came in 2005.

  • Thomas Newman

    Roblox came before Minecraft and Little Bigplanet do your Research moron

  • qweqweqwewqeqw

    wait so minecraft copied roblox?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

  • CrushforceX

    Roblox, I respect you now
    I no longer think you are a copy

  • Jonathan Toyad

    Oh hi, ‘friendly’ commenters. Did I mention anywhere on the article that Roblox came out after Minecraft? :)

  • Tf2 fan

    Even though what the charts say Tf2 is the best and Roblox cannot make no matter how good the builder a good tf2 copy.

  • Researcher

    Roblox was made before minecraft was!! And why the FUCK would littlebigplanet be here?! littlebigplanet is even close to being relevant to roblox or minecraft!! And besides, Roblox copied blockland (which was released as just freeware in 2004) (and released for retail in 2007). Talk to me if you have a dumb excuse.. it won’t work.. I’ve done all the research..

  • Damien Kislyuk

    All of you please shut up. I have a Minecraft book and it said MineCraft was probably created in 2006 and roblox was in 2005. So shut up and stop fighting. So Roblox is the first one. This is false that the head is copied from LEGO. Thats inncorect!

  • Damien Kislyuk

    Btw I just gave you the proof. Now no more

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  • Damien Kislyuk

    Scam up there

  • Damien Kislyuk

    ;C I cant belive Dota 2 is better then Counter-Strike and Roblox. I wish Roblox was in the lead. I wish the 2 games didnt exist so ROBLOX can be first. Now fuc# those 2 games.

  • Disguy

    Apoc rising is pretty high up considering it’s been around less time than all of the games up there I think. Don’t quote me tho

  • Bob Post

    Roblox came out in 2006, Minecraft came out in 2009. I hope this stops any arguments.

  • Grasping Void

    Oh please.

    The picture you got with the panoramic and surreal view? That’s from a ROBLOX game that isn’t successful/popular with the users. Which is sad, considering that appearance-wise, it’s very stunning.

    The most “popular” game according to your chart, “Base Wars: The Land” is a complete lag and snore fest. I’d rather play some low-class browser game like World of Tanks instead of that filth.

    The 2nd, 3rd and 8th entries are basically shooting games with no other mechanics whatsoever.

    The 5th game was made by one of the lead mofos in the ROBLOX team, a manchild named Shedletsky who actually prides himself on being popular in a children’s website.

    The 6th and 9th entries are supposed “roleplay games”; great buildings and concept. In reality, though, they are filled with kids online dating (or at least attempting to).

    The last entry is a complete piece of garbage of a game. It has zero scripting whatsoever; you’re just given the default building tools and a default sword (both of these scripted by the ROBLOX team) and let loose upon a field filled with lifeless drones which diminish your HP upon contact.

    The 2 games left are actually quite decent, since you get to do something other than mash your left mouse button.

    Also, all you butthurt kiddies should probably read the article before trying to sound smart by saying that ROBLOX was made earlier than Minecraft. We all know that, duh. Go back to eating clay, or something.

  • Grasping Void

    I agree, but only because there are zero talented scripters on ROBLOX anyway.

  • Grasping Void

    No, you’re an idiot. Go back to eating clay, fuckface.

  • Grasping Void

    No, you are. Stop trying to look smart when in reality you’re probably one of those stupid kids who get F’s in elementary math.

  • Grasping Void

    You know, you should have expected these clay-eating cows to come when you wrote about a game known mostly for its absolutely horrible community.

  • Grasping Void

    Nah, fuck ROBLOX.

    I’m partial to both dota and CS, but I’d rather pick those than stick around the garbage dump that is ROBLOX.

  • Grasping Void

    How about you do your research by reading the article first where it explicitly states the point you’re trying so hard to prove.

    Oh wait, you’re from Roblox. I forgot that the donkeys that play that don’t know how to read. Oh well.

  • Grasping Void

    And your point is…?

  • Grasping Void

    Because people can create stuff in LBP, and people can create stuff in ROBLOX.

    However, the stuff that people create in LBP are waaaaaay higher in quality than the garbage that the kids at ROBLOX regurgitate at an hourly basis.

  • Grasping Void

    And your point is, you fuckstick?

  • Grasping Void

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  • Truth

    I love how you flame those who hate on this thread- oh wait, it’s natural to try to defend your boyfriend’s views.

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  • I ain’t entering a name

    How the hell did TF2 come in fourth? It should be AT LEAST 2. Also, I don’t care about the battle between ROBLOX and Minecraft. I have both games so I don’t care.

  • If I entered a name, i’d die.

    Grasping, are you serious? ROBLOX was in beta in 2004-2005, it came out in 2006 officially. Minecraft on the other hand, Was in beta sometime around maybe 2007-2008 and OFFICIALLY came out in 2009. So I prove you wrong.

  • ……..

    ROBLOX came first, you screwed idiot.

  • Grasping Void Sucks

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  • Grasping Void Sucks

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  • No Name

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  • Grasping Void Sucks

    Shut up, Grasping. you’ve trolled TOO MUCH on this commentary, and stfu.

  • Dat guest doe

    TF2 is better then DOTA and CS hands down.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, ROBLOX KINDA copied off of Blockland and LEGO. In some ways. At least they didn’t get Sued (srls)