5 'made in Asia' smart living projects that will get you pumped

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Periscope or Meerkat: Have you made up your mind yet?

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Kakao Lab lets you test new app features pre-launch

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Build something big with these developer jobs!

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Kakao and Daum to merge up via equity swap

By Jonathan Toyad | May 26, 2014

South Korean chat app and internet portal/game publisher merger will create a company worth US$2.9 billion in market capitalisation Read More

Want to make it big with online games in Korea? It'll be hard

By Jonathan Toyad | May 22, 2014

Latest analytics from IHS show that established companies like NCSoft and Nexon are earning revenue from backlog, not from new games Read More

Casual Connect Asia's must-see panels and talks

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Duriana and Evernote have marketing jobs for you. What are you waiting for?

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Five reasons why you should give Nokia X a chance

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imo CEO Ralph Harik explains decision to drop 3rd party IM support

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[Updated] Startup mktg is not crazy dark art! New book shows how to get it right

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[Infographic] Indonesia loves Steve Jobs! A peek into its citizens' reading habits

By Elaine Huang | Jan 17, 2014

Indonesians love all things 'i' and its creator. Scoop profiles readers in the country; finds 70% are on iOS, Jobs is the #1 bestseller Read More

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi enters Singapore

By Elaine Huang | Jan 02, 2014

The move by Xiaomi also means that the new office in the island nation could be the company's headquarters for Southeast Asia Read More

BBM rolls out officially on Android and iPhone

By J. Angelo Racoma | Oct 22, 2013

After a failed launch earlier this year, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has finally started rolling out for Android and iPhone Read More

Which mobile platform should Indonesian developers build apps for?

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Can a glocal Imo get local advertisers online?

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Kamcord eyes gamers in Asia with new Android beta launch

By Elaine Huang | Sep 19, 2013

With their new Android beta launch, Kamcord, an iOS SDK that lets users record and share videos of mobile gameplays wants to conquer Asia. Read More

World of Sports praises ShopGuru after seeing sales increase by 20%

By Elaine Huang | Aug 20, 2013

ShopGuru, a mobile rewards app for shoppers, has helped World of Sports increase their sales by 20 percent. Read More