Israel's Meekan gets US$870K in seed fund led by Horizons Ventures

By Twishy Shahi | Nov 06, 2014

The cross-vendor calender scheduling platform will use the fund to develop a portfolio of products, and expand its R&D and sales workforce Read More

Android needs a billion dollar success story to take on the iPhone

By geektime | Sep 11, 2014

What Android can learn from Microsoft Windows Read More

12 things you need to know about Japan's gaming mobile market

By Jonathan Toyad | Jul 21, 2014

e27 talks to the analyst and Kantan Games consultancy guru Dr Serkan Toto about the most noteworthy quirks of the Japanese mobile gaming industry Read More

Apple unveils iOS 8 and a tonne of goodies at this year's WWDC

By Jonathan Toyad | Jun 03, 2014

The new OS for every single iPhone, iPad and iPod out there will be out this fall. What else did WWDC reveal? Read More

D-One makes it easier to play hands-free with your smart devices

By Jonathan Toyad | Jun 02, 2014

How? By attaching itself onto any surface and holding your smartphone/tablet firmly so that it's easier to work, play and relax Read More

Echelon 2014: Give your hotel guests their own personal concierge!

By Terence Ng | May 29, 2014

Thai-based hospitality app Fourleaf wants you to get smart. With the iPad cloud solution, guests can utilise hotel amenities with a lot of ease Read More

Want an iPad-powered stuffed teddy bear to play with your kids?

By Jonathan Toyad | Apr 22, 2014

Of course you do! Meet DiDi, the latest Kickstarter project from toy company Roam & Wander Read More

A new Flappy Bird knock-off appears every 24 minutes on iOS

By Jonathan Toyad | Mar 06, 2014

Apple's App Store findings prove that on an average 60 clones are added every day Read More

Control your devices easily by putting a Ring on it!

By Terence Ng | Feb 28, 2014

New wearable input device Ring allows to control your gadgets via hand gestures, letting you send texts, turn on appliances, make payments Read More

Find it hard to keep track of your money? Clara may solve your woes

By Bryan Lim | Feb 21, 2014

Clara is a personal finance tracker app to keep check on the money that comes in and invariably gets spent. Bryan Lim of Shoppink interviews the developer Read More

Top 5 business card scanner apps for iOS

By Futurebooks | Dec 16, 2013

Losing business cards translates to losing revenue for your business. CEOs and first-time directors need to store cards and the only way is to go paperless Read More

Mobile ad network InMobi to promote virtual currency, LINE Coins

By Elaine Huang | Nov 22, 2013

The collaboration will help LINE leverage the InMobi ad network & offer global app developers a new way to acquire users through its LINE Free Coins Read More

BBM coming to iOS and Android this weekend, finally

By J. Angelo Racoma | Sep 19, 2013

BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iOS now has an ETA. Will you download BBM, and do you think it will signal a big comeback for the platform? Read More

Cannon-mouthed felines return with mobile game Battle Cats Version 2.0

By Elaine Huang | Aug 16, 2013

Battle Cats is out with Version 2.0. This time, it is only available in Japanese but there will be new content in the game. Read More

Chat app LINE hits 200M users, celebrates with free stickers for users

By Elaine Huang | Jul 23, 2013

Hitting 200 million users worldwide, LINE is celebrating by giving four paid-for sticker sets free for a limited period. Read More

Two racing game apps for the speedster in you - RR3 and NFS:MW

By Elaine Huang | Mar 06, 2013

Race to your heart's content with Real Racing 3 and Need For Speed: Most Wanted as your wallet heaves a sigh. Today, cars are expensive but apps are not. Read More

Add visual treats to your tweets with Feel On!

By Jacky Yap | May 28, 2012

A Twitter client that analyzes tweets and emphasizes feelings, Feel On! turn mundane tweets into comics. Read More