Cubie Messenger's latest funding round indicates huge interest towards regional startups

By Jacky Yap | Nov 08, 2012

Cubie Messenger announced a US$ 1.1 million seed round investment from a group of prominent investors, highlighting interest in regional startups. Read More

Cubie Messenger heads to Jakarta for first meetup

By Jacky Yap | Sep 14, 2012

Cubie Messenger, one of the fastest growing mobile chatting appĀ in the region, is travelling down to Jakarta to meet with the local community. Read More

James Hill joins Cubie Messenger as International Messenger

By Jacky Yap | Sep 04, 2012

Hang around the Taiwan local startup community long enough, chances are you would have bump into or at least heard about James Hill. James is very well known in the community for being an active local startup evangelist. Read More

An app for each emotion, a social network for each identity

By Jacky Yap | Jun 25, 2012

Everyday we are consumed by social media, and they have been affecting how we interact with one another online and offline.Let's take a quick look at the different role each social networking sites play. Read More

[Echelon Live] Advice on how to grow and scale your startup

By Jacky Yap | Jun 11, 2012

In this panel, Bart Myers, Brian Wong, John Fearon, Cjin Cheng, and Simone Brunozzi shares the methods on how they scaled their respective companies. Read More

Cjin Cheng, co-founder of messaging app Cubie Messenger, shares about their one million app download milestone

By Bianca Zen | May 29, 2012

Cjin Cheng is the co-founder of Cubie Messenger, a free messaging app on iPhone and Android that lets you create and share drawings while you chat with friends. Cjin has been a serial entrepreneur since 2004 when she co-founded Willmobile Inc., the number one mobile stock trading app in Taiwan. Read More