3 reasons why all businesses should use social media

By Upasna Kakroo | Sep 05, 2015

Whether you make steel pipes or sell polythene; you, your customer, your vendors are all on social media. Here's how to leverage it Read More

5 terrible social media mistakes you are making

By Upasna Kakroo | Aug 14, 2015

Startups that are just beginning to initiate their social media presence must not reinvent the wheel but simply start smart Read More

Why APAC businesses are riding high on the social commerce wave

By Yon Heong Tung | Jul 10, 2015

With social commerce services such as SKYBOX entering the region, firms have more opportunities to diversify their e-commerce solutions Read More

4 ways to create effective visuals for social media

By Upasna Kakroo | Apr 24, 2015

Facebook pages posting status updates with visuals create up to 180% stronger engagement. How are you creating visuals for social media? Read More

Weekly Cornerplay: Do we need private social networks?

By Jeffrey Yuwono | Dec 08, 2014

Jeffrey Yuwono reviews Peep, a private social network, and concludes it doesn't offer much beyond chat Read More

Are you a devoted tweep? Check these social media marketing jobs

By Terence Ng | Aug 18, 2014

Social media has opened up new marketing channels for firms like Easyuni and Zestyl; apply to join them if you're a serial Instagrammer! Read More

Komli Media launches new social ads platform

By Twishy Shahi | Jun 12, 2014

The platform,  powered by Adquant, will be available in markets such as Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, etc. Read More

DeNA releases Groovy social music player app for Android

By Elaine Huang | Apr 01, 2013

DeNA did social gaming and messaging. Now, it is time for them to face the music, with the Groovy player app. Read More

Interest-based social network Mindtalk out of beta, ready to take on global challenges

By Goutama Bachtiar | Nov 20, 2012

Mindtalk, a truly Indonesian platform that positions itself as an "interest meet-up space," has launched outside of beta last week. Read More

Singapore ranks first in social media use but last in terms of corporate performance

By Elizabeth Tan | Nov 20, 2012

According to a report by social media firm RockPublicity.com, Singaporeans are the heaviest social media users with 68.1% of the total population using social media regularly. Yet, despite the high social media penetration, firms in Singapore rank low in corporate social performance and miss out on potential sales loss of 67.5 million Singapore dollars each month. Read More

Buddy Media study shows 10% of brands do not have a social strategy

By Jacky Yap | Jun 13, 2012

According to a study released by Buddy Media yesterday, brands and agencies are finding value in social media strategies. Read More

The 3 stages of successful fundraising

By Young Entrepreneur Council | Sep 15, 2014

Fundraising is key to the success of a startup. Although the process more or less is the same, what is crucial is how you do it Read More

No longer exclusive? Path plans to raise friend limit to 500 per user

By DailySocial | Mar 04, 2014

Path's plans to increase its per-user friend limit from 150 to 500 leads users to question its mission of creating close-knit social networks Read More

Thailand looks to build a firewall similar to China

By TechNode | Sep 30, 2015

Even VPNs can be subject to Direct Denial of Service attacks, which is fairly common in China Read More

Governments in Southeast Asia are upping their push to Smart Nation status

By Yon Heong Tung | Sep 18, 2015

Here's how Southeast Asia is going all out to integrate smart technology into everyday devices for both the benefit of society and the economy Read More

3 tips on finding brand appropriate content

By Upasna Kakroo | May 07, 2015

If you have a community that is relevant to your niche, the second part of the puzzle is keeping your community engaged Read More