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Resource  10, May 2013

Shopping for Mother’s Day? Here are a few trends to look into

Mothers day-w300Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Groupon shares that restaurant dinners and resort getaways are the most popular purchases during this weekend.

Mother’s Day is coming this weekend, and if you’re still on the lookout for a present for your mother, wife, sister or any friend who is a mother, you can either head to the store or to several e-commerce sites we have featured so far. Many of these cater to the female crowd, especially when it comes to fashion items, apparel and even second-hand branded bags.

Speaking of fashion, here are a few trends in Mother’s Day gift buying, according to group buying service Groupon. It seems that the top categories during this weekend are restaurants, products and travel, which means mothers are likely to be treated out to dinner, a weekend getaway or something tangible.

In fact, in 2012, the top three Mother’s Day purchases were a hotel buffet, an Italian dinner and a resort stay. Meanwhile, according to the results of another study published by Groupon, mothers’ favorite gifts are something to do with the family, a spa or relaxation treatment and something they don’t normally buy or get themselves. However, a majority of gift buyers cram and shop the day before Mother’s Day. So better do your shopping now.

Check out the infographic.


J. Angelo Racoma

J. Angelo Racoma

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