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Technology  3, Jan 2014

[Singapore] Building a mobile app using cloud tech

Utilise this upcoming mobile app development series to help you build the next big smartphone hit!


Platform-as-a-Service is an excellent tool that all developers can avail. This cloud computing service is a very versatile platform and can be configured easily.

However, with the presence of multiple players in the market offering this service, it is of paramount importance to be aware of your needs and the product which can meet them.

Red Hat, a leading multinational in the enterprise community, has marked their entry into PaaS with the introduction of OpenShift.

Due to its inherently strong user interface and the features it offers, this software has been used by prominent companies such as PayPal and stands to be a strong contender in the PaaS community.

Our hands-on workshop will oversee Mr. Navin Surtani giving a crash course in the use of OpenShift and JBoss Developer Studio and its pertinence to startups.

Join us for the first of the Mobile App Development Series and take your first step on building your own mobile app using the latest cloud technology

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e27 Editorial Staff

e27 Editorial Staff

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