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News  11, Apr 2014

SingTel and Samsung team up to accelerate mobile


Four new initiatives are being launched in Singapore, India, Philippines, Australia and Indonesia with an aim to bring innovative technology and services to consumers

SingTel Group and Samsung have announced that they intend to combine their resources and expertise to accelerate mobile data in emerging markets such as Singapore, India, Philippines, Australia and Indonesia.

Initiatives that will be launched under this partnership include a retail collaboration programme, direct carrier billing, regional mobile app development challenge and direct access to selected apps. The collaboration will help differentiate both companies’ services and improve competitiveness, said an official release.

Firstly, the retail collaboration programme simplifies the customer retail experience by providing a one-stop shop for their smartphone needs instead of making the consumer acquire the mobile device and the mobile plan separately. This has been made available to customers in Philippines, and will progressively be made available in India and Indonesia.

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Additionally, the direct carrier billing will allow customers to have alternative ways of paying for Samsung applications without a credit card. Customers of these companies can soon buy apps and content by simply charging the purchase amount to their phone bills or deducting it from their prepaid account. This will be rolled out in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

The app development ecosystem is also getting a boost as a sponsorship programme will identify innovative startups in the region and help them to accelerate their development and gain access to SingTel’s 500 million mobile customers. This will be marketed in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

Lastly, Samsung together with SingTel Group Digital L!fe aims to deliver mobile services to customers by enabling customers to access selected services directly on the phone without the need of having to download them. The applications are customised to reflect local requirements and content and will be available to customers in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia, added the release.

Moon Soo Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Asia added, “As mobile usage grows in the region, Samsung will continue to work hand-in-hand with partners like SingTel to bring more innovative technology and services to consumers in the market.”

Theon Leong

Theon Leong

Theon is a skeptic who believes in possibilities after learning that three thirds of a pie does not add up to one and that cats can be dead and alive at the same time. He writes about business and technology, and is particularly interested in deconstructing complex ideas into bite-sized chunks. His favorite novel is The Little Prince, and spends his free time on chess and video games.

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