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News  29, Jul 2010

Smitty wants you to know he is visiting Nexian

Michael Francis Smith Jr, alias ‘Smitty’, is the guy who catalysed Yahoo’s acquisition of Koprol. He also believes we’re tracking his meetings. Well, Smitty, maybe we are.

Smitty checked in to ‘Nexian HQ’ on Koprol yesterday with the coy status message: “Oops. How did I get here?”

He also posted on his blog, “I guess if I get followed into Apple today people must think I am cutting a deal with Jobs?”

I don’t know about a deal with Apple, but we wouldn’t mind at all if Smitty told us more about what he was doing at Nexian. Unless he’d rather we guess based on his Koprol activities.

Here’s a screenshot of Smitty’s (dreampipe) check-in and some attendant geek media banter.100729-dreampipe

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