Social Media World Forum hits Singapore on Sep 1-2


Now in its third year, the Social Media World Forum Asia (SMWF) event this year will be providing a format for networking, engagement, and lots of social media debate around the latest tools, technologies, platforms, and emerging trends within social media marketing.

With over 1500 attendees last year, the show has grown significantly to become one of the leading shows in its field, hosting a variety of free to attend workshops and conferences for marketers, PR professionals, brands, agencies and small and medium enterprises. Track subject areas cover building your social media marketing strategy, social shopping, social gaming, mobile social media, location based marketing, business-to-business social media marketing, social customer relationship management, social television, social search, virtual currencies and the latest in Twitter and Facebook marketing. This year event will also include apps marketing, and their integration with social media campaigns.

Some of the key speakers are Robbie Hills of Google Asia, Jon Petersen of buUuk, Aneace Haddad of and Steven Goh of mig33. For e27 readers, SMWF is providing tickets at 20% off. Just go here and use the code E2720 when purchasing your tickets to enjoy the promotion. Offer is valid until the event proper.

Event details:

Date: 1-2 Sep, 2011

Venue: Suntec, Singapore

Promotion code: E2720

Register here

Joash Wee

Joash is passionate about tech startups and building the technopreneur community. While completing his undergraduate business degree, he decided to take a programming class just for kicks. Fortunately for him, he managed to scrap a pass and it now helps him get by with the geek talk. When he is not discussing about startups or the latest technologies, you can find him reading off his Kindle or taking photos with silver halide salts, old school.

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