Sony Computer Entertainment releases TuneIn Radio on PlayStation Store


Sony Computer Entertainment releases new internet radio app TuneIn Radio free on its PlayStation platforms for Asian countries


Want to listen to your favorite radio hosts while playing games? Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia (SCEJA) just released its new internet radio app TuneIn Radio for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and Vita TV today. If your PlayStation ID is registered to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand, you’d be able to download it from the PlayStation Store for free.

The internet radio service will provide users with an extensive 70,000 stations and two million podcast choices from around the world. It will also allow to enjoy live music, catch up with a variety of sports news and listen to various talk show personalities.

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With over 40 million monthly active listeners, TuneIn Radio is one of the world’s most popular audio streaming services.

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