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News  18, May 2012

Spuul releases Star Pages and iOS app


Slightly more than a month ago, we covered the launch of Spuul, a Bollywood movie streaming site. Smitty, the Chief Product Officer of Spuul, reached out to us and shared some of the extra features which they shipped today.


For the Spuul web app, there is an added feature, the Star Pages. In the Star pages, a list of all the Bollywood stars could be found and you can then discover and learn more about them. According to Smitty, the Indian movie scenes is all about the stars. The Star pages are meant for people to learn more about the actor and actresses and the movies that they are in. Spuul also have plans to do more communal things in the future and focus more on the people in the movies as well as the users. Other than that, Spuul has started to release english subtitles for some of its web content.


With mobile and smartphone penetration worldwide growing, companies which have not gone mobile yet might be losing out. Spuul is happy to announce that their Spuul iOS app for iPhone and iPad are out, and is available for download from the app store. With its mobile app, users can now stream their favourite Bollywood movies from Spuul and watch them on the go.

Bollywood’s market has an impressive growth rate of about 15% every year and Spuul is definitely on track to capture a piece of that huge Bollywood industry pie.

Jacky Yap

Jacky Yap

Having spent one year abroad in Shanghai under the NUS Overseas College Programme, Jacky has an avid interest in entrepreneurship and web based startups. Jacky used to run N-House, Singapore's first entrepreneurial themed residence in NUS, and was also part of the organizing team for Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. You can reach him at jacky [at] e27 [dot] co

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