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Yourbot lets you talk to your future generations

Yourbot lets you talk to your future generations

This Android device can help you share experiences with future generations interested in uncovering the secrets of their ancestors Imagine, if you could have a chat with your grandest of great great grandchildren today, what would you wish to tell them? Yourbot is an Android device with speech-to-text conversation engines which allows our future generations


[Thailand] Mobile Monday Bangkok #9 – MoMoBKK

The 9th episode of Mobile Monday Bangkok (MoMoBKK) brings Xiaomi and Twitter to Thailand Synopsis: Mobile Monday would like to invite all the digital and online professionals to our event. The MoMo team is very excited as this time we are bringing speakers from Xiaomi and Twitter for the first time to Thailand. In addition, our


Gumtree Singapore goes mobile

Finally, this online classifieds site has launched a mobile app in city-state Singapore, where 80 per cent of people buy pre-loved goods London-based free online classifieds Gumtree today announced the launch of its new iOS and Android mobile app for Singapore. The predominantly web-based platform has previously launched mobile apps in locations such as the UK and

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Weekly Cornerplay: How is the successor to Flappy Bird doing?

In this edition of Weekly Cornerplay, Jeffrey Yuwono reviews Swing Copters. His take: It’s better than Flappy Bird, but not good enough The creator behind the enormous hit Flappy Bird recently released its spiritual successor, Swing Copters. So how’s it doing? Apparently, very well on iOS, currently ranking #2 overall on the US app store. Surprisingly, it’s not faring as well on Android, at


Top five weirdest app crazes

Here’s a list of the most unusual extremes of the app universe. Have you tried them? It looks like Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is ready to spread his annoyingly simple yet insanely addictive wings again, this time with a new game called Swing Copters. To be released this week, Swing Copters is extremely similar to


MoboRobo brings mobile management to personal computers

MoboRobo lets even casual users manage media, app data, and contacts stored in their Android phones from their PCs iOS has iTunes, while Windows Phone has Zune as its official PC management application, allowing users to manage their smartphone data from their PCs. However, Android smartphones lack an equivalent official PC management application to match this, despite many other applications available to manage media


Why start up a game company in Thailand?

The creator of social puzzle games Jungle Cubes and Juice Cubes Pocket PlayLab says cost, talent and lifestyle are the reasons why the country is fast becoming a favourite among startups There’s an axiom most of us must have heard before: “stick to what you know.” Thai-based game company Pocket PlayLab seems to be paying a


This app says it can give you a perfectly planned day

MyGola’s ‘Perfect Day’ app curates things to do in a new city and not surprisingly, it is first to be launched in the mecca for tourists and business travellers — Singapore India-slash-US-based company MyGola, known for its trip planner app and website, will be taking a step forward with a new concept that claims to meticulously plan your


Touchten’s latest is a mobile spiritual successor to Mega Man

The Indonesian game studio’s Project Brilliant Girl plans to turn heads in the gaming scene. How? Touchten Games, the Indonesian mobile game developer behind Ramen Chain and Sushi Chain Lite, is halfway through creating a sci-fi themed endless runner that pays tribute to the classic 2D run-and-gun platforming Mega Man games created by Capcom. Its new game

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Weekly Cornerplay: Why you needn’t rebel Facebook enforcing Messenger

This edition reviews Facebook Messenger (including permissions) and concludes “it’s cool” Welcome to the  Weekly Cornerplay, a weekly guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. Facebook is in the press lately because the company is forcing users to communicate with friends through a separate Messenger app instead of the main Facebook app. The former is #1 on


Qraved’s Android app makes it easy to reserve tables at diners

DailySocial lauds Indonesia-based reservation platform’s Android app for its usability and simple user interface Reservation is crucial to avoid missing out on a table at our favourite restaurant especially if you’ve travelled a long way to get there. Mobile app Qraved was created to help diners place online reservations at any of the several thousand


SG businesses need to embrace mobility: OutSystems’ Paulo Rosado

The CEO of the business app-creating platform talks to e27 on how the company can help Singapore enterprises improve the way they function If you have an idea for an app to help business entrepreneurs and startups but lack the software resources and servers to keep it running, OutSystems might be something you’re looking for. OutSystems

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Weekly Cornerplay: OnePlus One is two good

In this edition, Jeffrey Yuwono reviews the OnePlus One, which he says is “pretty darn good” Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. I received an invite for the One from OnePlus a few weeks ago and pulled the trigger. I’ve used it as my daily driver ever since,


Weekly Cornerplay: Will Samsung app store’s revamp make a difference?

The best Android apps won’t limit their potential market by being exclusive to a second-rate store; it’ll be on Google Play, says Jeffrey Yuwono Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. Oh Samsung. Did you know the Korean giant has its own Android app


iOS or Android? Go both, or neither and HTML5: Kenneth Wong

If you can’t decide between iOS and Android, Kenneth Wong, President, Malaysian Digital Association, suggests to go straight for HTML5 “The answer is you can’t miss out on both (iOS and Android),” said Kenneth Wong, in a chat with e27, before his panel discussion at ad:tech last week. Wong, Head of Digital, Carat Malaysia, was recently