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[Singapore] Singtel Accelerator Hack Day

[Singapore] Singtel Accelerator Hack Day

Join Hack Day to learn, create and have fun with a wide array of APIs made available by Singtel Synopsis: For the first time ever, SingTel is making available a wide array of APIs for you to play with! Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur or technology enthusiast, come join us at Hack Day on Saturday,


[Singapore] Investor coming: Rescue needed. SOS

Everything a Singapore startup owner should know about getting the accounting and secretarial records in order before investors come in. Synopsis: Join Futurebooks for a brief tour on getting your company prepared for investments. Everything a Singapore startup founder should know about how to get the company’s accounting and secretarial records in order before an


[Singapore] NICF – Strategic Product Manager™

Plan and market your company’s products smartly with the NUS-ISS NICF – Strategic Product Manager™ course Synopsis: One of the biggest challenges today for product managers is ambiguity and confusion about their roles and responsibilities. Others include lack of uniform work tools, managing a complex array of tasks and processes, and managing relationships with other


[Singapore] Startup Bootcamp Course Preview #1

Build Innovative and Scalable Businesses with Guidance from Entrepreneurs and Investors   Synopsis: Get to hear more about the Lithan Hall Academy’s Startup Bootcamp (NICF – Technology Ventures Creation) offered by TIEN Academy (founded by Leslie Loh, Red Dot Ventures) where aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself will learn how to build and validate a business case


[Singapore] Ben & Jerry’s Join Our Cores

In conjunction with the its first Sundae School, Ben & Jerry’s is launching its Join Our Core competition to hunt for sustainable social enterprises Synopsis: Ben & Jerry’s will be debuting its business competition for social enterprises, Join Our Core, in Singapore for the first time on 1 September 2014. Getting back to their core of


[Singapore] GameStart 2014

Join GameStart 2014 on 25-26 October 2014, Singapore and Southeast Asia’s Premier Gaming Convention Synopsis: Inspired by the excitement of E3, the community hype of PAX and the passion of the thousands who trek to Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show each year, GameStart’s goal is to bring the wonder and fun of an awesome gaming


[Singapore] BizSpark Azure Lab

Microsoft will be organising a free Azure Lab to help BizSpark startups scale their cloud operations Synopsis: Maximise Your BizSpark Azure Credits We conducted a recent survey, letting us know how Singapore BizSpark startups want to use their free cloud credits; such as scaling on the cloud, hosting websites, and SQL. As thanks, we are inviting


[Singapore] Kopi Chat for Entrepreneurs with Joel Fu

This month on NUS Enterprise’s Kopi Chat, Joel Fu from SGCarMart speaks on his thoughts and experiences Synopsis: Kopi chats is a series of talks for the start-up community, served specially by NUS Enterprise alongside a good fresh brew of local coffee. To find out more, go to www.blk71.com, drop us a mail at blk71@nus.edu.sg,


[Thailand] Echelon Thailand: Khon Kaen satellite

Echelon Thailand has a new satellite, Khon Kaen! Find out more about this gorgeous city and what our speakers will be presenting there! Synopsis: How deep can you get into a country by only visiting its capital and popular tourist spots? In keeping with Echelon Thailand’s theme, which is a “deep dive” into Thailand’s startup


[Singapore] Friday Feeds – Celebrate with Mooncakes!

Friday Feeds is NUS Enterprise’s monthly community event; this time round, they’re featuring mooncakes for mid-autumn festival Synopsis: Friday Feeds is a monthly community event organised by NUS Enterprise along with co-sponsors from fellow entrepreneurs that happens every last Friday of the month. This month’s theme is Mooncakes – different varieties of it, co-sponsored by SMRT!


[Philippines] The Business of Photography with Ben Chan

Find out more about Lead Photographer Ben Chan’s experiences and get photography tips and advice only here in Freelancer.com’s Talino Talks! Synopsis: Learn from the expert and turn your hobby into a full-time business. Listen to our speaker, Mr. Ben Chan and hear him share experiences, tips and advice only here in Freelancer.com’s Talino Talks! Ben Chan is the


[Singapore] 3 easy ways to get started on the sharing lifestyle

Begin the sharing lifestyle with 3 tips from Sharing Economy Association of Singapore’s first public talk! Synopsis: The Sharing Economy Association of Singapore is excited to announce our FIRST public talk. We will reveal 3 life hacks on getting started with the sharing lifestyle! Event details: Start: Thursday, 28 August, 2014 07:00 p.m. End: Thursday, 28 August,