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The fight against revenge porn: Keep your private moments Disckreet

The fight against revenge porn: Keep your private moments Disckreet

The app requires the couple to key in two passcodes — one each from the two individuals — to allow access to files which feature their private moments Revenge porn, according to Wikipedia, is sexually explicit media that is publicly shared online without the consent of the pictured individual; and typically uploaded by ex-partners or


iOS or Android? Go both, or neither and HTML5: Kenneth Wong

If you can’t decide between iOS and Android, Kenneth Wong, President, Malaysian Digital Association, suggests to go straight for HTML5 “The answer is you can’t miss out on both (iOS and Android),” said Kenneth Wong, in a chat with e27, before his panel discussion at ad:tech last week. Wong, Head of Digital, Carat Malaysia, was recently


This man’s app plans to open up the ‘hidden secrets’ of Singapore

We talk to Sugar Co-founder Benjamin Lee about the app’s backstory and how it ties together with a naked model adorned with sushi Sugar is out now for the populace of Singapore to check out. In case you missed the reporting we did a while ago, think of it as a hybrid between chat apps like Line and listing sites


Even after 9 years, Smaato sees itself as a startup

CEO and Co-founder Ragnar Kruse spills the beans on how to get top billing in the mobile ad business Mobile ad company Smaato announced that it will be teaming up with Indonesia’s telecommunications company Indosat to expand in one of the biggest Southeast Asian mobile market. With a global office spanning 117 people, with 20 of them working


The father of Final Fantasy goes free-to-play

Hironobu Sakaguchi will be releasing a freemium RPG called Terra Battle for iOS/Android in Japan; no word on Southeast Asia publishers yet A number of us reading e27 know or at least have heard casual mentioning of the Final Fantasy Japanese role-playing game series; the seventh one featuring fancy graphics and spikey-haired heroes with big swords is


Video ads pump revenue into mobile games without hurting IAPs

Good news for Asian game developers for the F2P mobile market! Video ads aren’t going to cost you your audience or their spending power Are video ads on a free-to-play mobile game detrimental towards audience attention span and their ability to buy in-game apps? Hardly, according to recent findings. Ad mediation firm Fuse Powered (via Venturebeat)


Few hours left to support this iPhone crystal dock project

The Singapore-created Chiffon and Lumo currently has US$9,475 on its Kickstarter page; is inspired by a popular Asian cake It’s always the sparkly-yet-simple accessories for a smartphone that garner the most attention, and this Kickstarter project is no exception. Enter the Chiffon and Lumo; the former is a transparent crystal dock for your iPhone while


10 things you need to know about gumi’s CEO

Prior to participating in next week’s Echelon, e27 dig up some trivia regarding the mobile games publisher’s boss Hironao Kunimitsu Chances are you’re on the phone playing a Japanese role-playing game called Brave Frontier, or at least seeing someone on public transportation playing and tapping it frantically. If you’d kept tabs on the game, surely


Apple unveils iOS 8 and a tonne of goodies at this year’s WWDC

The new OS for every single iPhone, iPad and iPod out there will be out this fall. What else did WWDC reveal? Startups with at least a slice of tech cred would have heard of Apple‘s Worldwide Developers Conference (abbreviated as WWDC because why not!) that takes place every mid-year. Usually it’s filled with a


Secret app now made available in China

Anonymous social sharing app’s creators also have a regional office; local partner not disclosed at this point in time If this is your first time hearing about an app called Secret, we’ll recap: it’s an app that lets users speak freely among their peers and network with full anonymity. Somehow or other, it’s trending really


Breaking into the Philippines is challenging: Altitude Games

Company Founder Gabby Dizon talks about the issue of getting gamers to pay in the Philippines and the firm’s Asia-first approach Is it challenging to start up a games business in the Philippines? It is, according to Altitude Games‘ Gabby Dizon, “There’s a lot of gamers in the country; they’re young, active and vocal, so it’s


Casual Connect Asia 2014 is the ‘E3′ Southeast Asia needs

This year’s mobile and indie gaming-centric event balanced creativity and business sides of the SEA games industry in a non-bloated and excessive fashion Yes, you read that headline right; last week’s three-day Casual Connect Asia event is as close as Southeast Asia is going to get for a local Electronic Entertainment Expo or Games Development


Unreal Engine creators now have their own Flappy Bird clone

A single artist from the team has created clone Tappy Chicken to show the flexibility of the company’s game-making engine The Flappy Bird app phenomenon may be long gone, but there are others who are using that template to prove a point. Like Epic Games, who just released a clone of the game that’s using