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Business card management service Sansan launches in Singapore

Business card management service Sansan launches in Singapore

Where will Japan-based startup Sansan go next? Its CEO hints at English-speaking markets in the region Japanese cloud-based business card management service provider Sansan has officially launched its namesake offering in Singapore, following its launch in the US in May 2014. For background, the Sansan app, available on iOS and Google Play, allows users to scan


Who would have thought Okinawa could become a hotbed for tech startups!

The serene Japanese island is beaming with entrepreneurial energy. What is its attraction? We list 5 of its prominent startups When you think of the Japanese island of Okinawa, you think serenity, calmness, the origins of an ancient martial arts used in the Olympics, and the insanely huge Churaumi Aquarium. The last thing a regular Joe


gumi, LINE join forces to form US$100M game funding programme

LINE has also invested substantially in gumi for a 10 per cent stake. Will users see more midcore games on the chat app? The company behind Brave Frontier gumi announced today during a recent press briefing (via The Bridge) that it will be teaming up with chat app company LINE to create a US$100 million funding programme for interested mobile game developers in


He is GREE Ventures’ Morpheus. Say Hello to Kuan Hsu

This investor has a penchant for pop culture and photography. Here he talks about importance of a good team, his passions and more Kuan Hsu, Principal, GREE Ventures Asia, is one of the four people behind GREE Ventures, having established the fund’s Southeast Asian presence since 2012. GREE Ventures was initially founded as the investment arm


Meet Dan Woodger who created 1,000 emojis in 10 weeks for LINE

This illustrator is the man behind these emotive emojis on Japanese chat app LINE. What was his journey like? One thousand, two hundred and sixty hours later, illustrator Dan Woodger’s hard work has finally paid off. He was commissioned by Japanese chat app LINE to come up with 1,000 emojis in 10 weeks. Each week, he would


Photo sharing app Snapeee raises US$4M in Series C funding

Mind Palette, the Tokyo-based startup behind Snapeee, has secured the investment from Global Brain and Kodansha The ‘GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership’ managed by Japanese venture capital company Global Brain Corporation, and Japanese magazine publishing giant Kodansha have together invested US$4 million into photo sharing app Snapeee‘s creator Mind Palette. The investment makes Hiroshi Mihayashi, Principal, Global Brain, a part of


Bitcoin exchange Bitflyer raises US$1.6M; aims to fill Mt Gox void

A former Goldman Sachs trader, Yuzo Kano of Japanese Bitcoin firm Bitflyer, has raised US$1.6 million and aims to fill the Mt Gox void Yuzo Kano, Founder of Bitflyer, has announced the seed funding of US$1.6 million, designed to power a new Bitcoin exchange called BitFlyer. The new Japan-based Bitcoin exchange has ambitious goals, aiming to capture the


Global Brain and KDDI team up to invest US$8M in four startups

Both companies’ funding programme has US$49M fund size; startups being funded include VentureBeat and Issuu Global Brain, when not looking for Thailand startups and funding companies like Luxola and Rainbow.dot, is finding new ways to set up funding programmes. This time, the venture capital company has teamed up with Japanese telcos company KDDI to form the second


LINE to file for IPO on Tokyo Stock Exchange

The chat app player is going the initial public offering route that may be worth US$9.85 billion   Update: LINE got back to us. Their official statement is below. This week has been shaping up to be an IPO-declaring fiesta for companies, hasn’t it? First off, MOL just announced that it will be listed on NASDAQ with US$300 million,


GREE leads US$4.5M Series A-1 investment in HotelQuickly

Why would GREE, with its recently launched last-minute booking app Tonight, invest in a potential competitor? Last-minute hotel booking app HotelQuickly has been more than swift in bagging funds and rolling out new features. The Hong Kong-based startup today announced raising US$4.5 million in a Series A-1 financing led by GREE, Inc, a Japanese mobile social


Global Brain invests in Korea’s matchmaking art site

The venture capital company is putting money in Mbite, creators of Rainbow.dot, so that it can spread its services beyond South Korea and Japan Sometimes it’s hard to find the right artists for the right business job, which is why services like Rainbow.dot is useful in matching up talented people in a particular region. With


Take your website global with WOVN.io

New service from Japan-based Minimal Technologies lets you translate your website in nearly 10 languages with a single, simple-to-use API Localise, localise, localise. Even as the web is connecting people around the world even more closely, this openness is igniting a countertrend of niching, where relevant content is locked away from the general English-speaking internet, using


12 things you didn’t know about King, the Candy Crush Saga makers

What do you know about the fine folks behind today’s most ‘celebrated’ time-waster? Here’s a bit of trivia in case you’re wondering Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game made in 2012 that took the world by storm; it is slowly gaining a foothold in major Asian territories like Japan and Hong Kong. Its addiction is rather


The accidents that put Mad Catz on the fighting game map

Community and Sponsorship Manager Mark ‘Markman23′ Julio explains how its stint in Japan put the company where it is today The recent South East Asia Majors 2014 fighting game tournament in Singapore on June 20 to 22 represented the best in the culture of fighting games: Asia Pacific representatives (with a dash of the US and the


LINE’s adorable Disney-themed puzzle game may be out in SEA next week

[Update] The puzzle game will be available in English in SEA; has become quite a rage in Japan with more than 14 million downloads since the launch [Update] : According to LINE’s Singapore PR representative, the game’s release date may be rescheduled due to tweaks and changes from the developer’s end. The story is modified