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So you think apps in the app store are safe?

So you think apps in the app store are safe?

A classic example of misconfiguration is the misuse of personal cloud services through apps residing on smartphones and tablets Today’s world, without doubt, is a world empowered with high tech devices. In fact, we’ve almost reached a stage where mobiles phones will outnumber humans! According to a Gartner report, nearly 2.2 billion mobile phones and


MoboRobo brings mobile management to personal computers

MoboRobo lets even casual users manage media, app data, and contacts stored in their Android phones from their PCs iOS has iTunes, while Windows Phone has Zune as its official PC management application, allowing users to manage their smartphone data from their PCs. However, Android smartphones lack an equivalent official PC management application to match this, despite many other applications available to manage media


YO is not useless after all

What can you do with YO, an app criticised for being too simple? It was named “the most useless app” while simultaneously being dubbed “genius” by others.  No matter how you look at it, it seems that its meticulously crafted PR campaign worked brilliantly.  Now, just as all the noise from its initial launch finally begins


New Chinese social media app wants to enrich your social life

Pengpeng app integrates games directly into the social experience. With 3M users in just 2 months, expanding to SEA is its immediate focus Pengpeng might be the most interesting mobile social app you have never heard of. Made by a Chinese company called Asia Innovations, it boasts having three million users. Not bad considering the app for Android and

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Xiaomi apologises for accessing user data without permission

VP Hugo Barra said Xiaomi servers do not store any personal data but the cloud messaging app uses SIM, device identifiers, adding, “We apologise for any concern caused” Xiaomi, China’s largest smartphone player and the fifth largest worldwide, came under fire recently after a report by Finnish security firm F-Secure uncovered evidence that Xiaomi’s cloud-based messaging service


LoveByte’s version 2.0 on iOS knows your battery status

The new version comes with features such as partner status, shared calendar. Will they help couples be more understanding towards one another? Singapore-based couple app LoveByte today launched its brand new version 2.0 on the iOS App Store. The new version comes with features such as a revamped couple homepage, a partner status, a way to meet other users,


Why start up a game company in Thailand?

The creator of social puzzle games Jungle Cubes and Juice Cubes Pocket PlayLab says cost, talent and lifestyle are the reasons why the country is fast becoming a favourite among startups There’s an axiom most of us must have heard before: “stick to what you know.” Thai-based game company Pocket PlayLab seems to be paying a


Touchten’s latest is a mobile spiritual successor to Mega Man

The Indonesian game studio’s Project Brilliant Girl plans to turn heads in the gaming scene. How? Touchten Games, the Indonesian mobile game developer behind Ramen Chain and Sushi Chain Lite, is halfway through creating a sci-fi themed endless runner that pays tribute to the classic 2D run-and-gun platforming Mega Man games created by Capcom. Its new game


Gaming 101 EP#01: Who has got free-to-play right?

In this first of e27′s gaming video series, we throw light on games that handle the freemium payment model in a fair and non-aggravating manner Video games are big and there is no doubt about it. Whether it’s on console or mobile or PC, the hobby has already ingrained itself into mainstream. It’s also a lucrative


Qraved’s Android app makes it easy to reserve tables at diners

DailySocial lauds Indonesia-based reservation platform’s Android app for its usability and simple user interface Reservation is crucial to avoid missing out on a table at our favourite restaurant especially if you’ve travelled a long way to get there. Mobile app Qraved was created to help diners place online reservations at any of the several thousand


Masaya Ueno of Rakuten Asia attributes growth to mobile traffic

Rakuten Asia’s Head of Business Development Division tells e27 about marketing strategies in Southeast Asia Much to the delight of shoppers in Singapore, Japan’s e-commerce giant Rakuten decided to launch its offerings in the city-state last December. Interestingly, however, Singapore was not Rakuten’s first destination in Southeast Asia. In 2012, Rakuten arrived in Malaysia. Since


Celebrate Singapore’s 49th birthday with these 4 apps

August 9 is Singapore’s National Day. Here are four apps Singaporeans can check out to feel at home It’s Singapore’s 49th National Day tomorrow. Here are four apps you can check out to better understand how it is like to be a Singaporean. 1. WhyMoolah Meet Elaine, a 23-year-old graduate with nary a fuss in the


This Singapore-based startup is dead set on making game music

Co-founders of audio production house IMBA Interactive talk about their love for making video game audio, and the challenges in setting up a shop for the same in the city-state The gaming slang for “imbalanced” is “imba”, a term describing how unfair a particular game system, weapon, power-up or unit is. So it’s no surprise


Business card management service Sansan launches in Singapore

Where will Japan-based startup Sansan go next? Its CEO hints at English-speaking markets in the region Japanese cloud-based business card management service provider Sansan has officially launched its namesake offering in Singapore, following its launch in the US in May 2014. For background, the Sansan app, available on iOS and Google Play, allows users to scan


Tapjoy acquires South Korea’s 5Rocks to create an ‘app tech’ solution

Tapjoy will integrate 5Rocks into its nGen platform this Q4. Are mobile app developers excited? Mobile ad tech and monetisation company Tapjoy today announced acquiring South Korea-based analytics and marketing automation platform 5Rocks for an undisclosed amount. According to an official statement, the 5Rocks solution, an analytics and operation tool for mobile games, will be fully integrated into Tapjoy’s


SG businesses need to embrace mobility: OutSystems’ Paulo Rosado

The CEO of the business app-creating platform talks to e27 on how the company can help Singapore enterprises improve the way they function If you have an idea for an app to help business entrepreneurs and startups but lack the software resources and servers to keep it running, OutSystems might be something you’re looking for. OutSystems