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How communities help shape companies

How communities help shape companies

How can tech firms implement a “horizontal marketing concept” in respective countries they are operating in? Due to the growth of Indonesia’s Internet users, industry practitioners are no longer coming from only the companies and the business owners but also from the various communities across many different segments that take advantage of what the Internet


Book hotel rooms for 70% off published rates! Now that’s something!

Last minute booking app In2nite addresses the needs of spontaneous travellers; wants to reach 15 Asian countries in the near future “What if booking last minute is rewarding?” This is the question that energises In2nite‘s business operations, where the team of 20 employees have only 18 hours to sell excess hotel rooms to more spontaneous

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Five reasons why you should give Nokia X a chance

Are you sold on Nokia’s Android device yet? Here are five reasons why we think you should give it a shot At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, Nokia officially unveiled its Nokia X series, which runs a forked version of Android. This move was met with both, optimism and skepticism. It was seen

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After iOS launch, Chaatz now available for Android users too

Chaatz launches Android app; Co-founder Arnie Chaudhuri talks to e27 about the company’s mission to connect everyone in the world Facebook’s US$19 billion acquisition of chat app WhatsApp shook the startup world by storm in the past week, and the implications still reverberate today. The biggest question, of course, is whether the chat platform was


Ex-Nokia CEO now controls Microsoft’s Xbox division

Stephen Elop takes over Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division from Executive Vice President Julie Larson-Green Ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will now be leading Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division, which means that he will be calling the shots for all things Xbox, Surface and game studios-related. According to an internal Microsoft memo (via The Verge), Elop

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Nokia X is official: Is Android ‘Plan B’ for Nokia and Microsoft?

Nokia has formally launched its latest Nokia X smartphone series, which runs a forked version of Android In the weeks leading up to the Mobile World Congress that just kicked off in Barcelona today, Nokia had been rumored to have an Android device in the works. Code-named ‘Normandy’, the device was supposedly a mid-range four-incher


Nokia Asha 501 supports WhatsApp; pre-installed sets to hit town Dec 5

Users can download the messenger through a software update on their handsets. Anticipate additional features and more personalised Fastlane In a recent development, Nokia has made the mobile messenger WhatsApp available on the Nokia Asha platform. Nokia Asha 501 will be the first ever model of the series to support the mobile messenger. Users will be able to


14 reasons for you to grab hold of this latest BlackBerry smartphone

After 14 days with the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, I might just miss everything on and about it. Growing up, everyone had a BlackBerry lodged firmly in their hand. Well, everyone except me. After years of wanting a BlackBerry, infatuated with its sleek exterior and hardy keyboard, I was deterred by its price tag and left

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No phone left behind as Tencent launches WeChat for Nokia Asha Touch

Tencent has launched WeChat for the Nokia Asha Touch line, extending access to the popular IM service to more feature phones. Smartphones are on the rise, but feature phones still have a big market share in the Asia Pacific region. With this in mind, developers might be able to reach out to a bigger audience


Telkomsel and Nokia announce Teman Dev to boost local apps and content

Nokia and Indonesian telecoms provider Telkomsel have partnered to provide value-added services. Short message service and voice communications are slowly being pushed off from the home screens of smartphone consumers who increasingly rely on apps that use data services. Telkomsel, which has begun to feel the effects of this market trend on its revenues, has

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Windows 8 messaging experience to be enhanced with Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz, one of the largest and fastest growing mobile messenger applications in the world, recently announced the release of its Nimbuzz app for the Windows Phone 8. There would be new features such as resizable Live Tiles that support content within the app and visible notifications when the home screen is locked, which would greatly enhance

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Nokia shines the developer spotlight on its entry-level Asha line

Nokia is giving perks and incentives to encourage developers to build apps for its Nokia Asha low-end to mid-range mobile line. In 2012, Nokia unveiled its Premium Developer Program for its Lumia series, geared toward letting developers enjoy the benefits for creating apps and games. Recently, Nokia has also launched the same perks for Asha


Nokia Thailand appoints veteran Yantana Simavanichkul as new Managing Director

Yantana Simavanichkul is Nokia Thailand’s new Managing Director and plans to enhance the company’s position in the local smartphone market.  Nokia (Thailand) Ltd has recently appointed Yantana Simavanichkul as the new managing director. Yantana is no stranger to the company as he spearheaded Nokia Thailand as Head of Sales for five years. A diligent man,

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CRM, analytics and big data startup The Stakeholder Company gets S$600K from Red Dot Ventures

Red Dot Ventures is investing S$600,000 in CRM, market intelligence and big data firm The Stakeholder Company. Doing business is more than just focusing on sales and revenue. These days, your bottomline is affected by how well you connect with customers and how quickly you are able to gain traction with your target audience. Firms


A sneak peek at this year’s SparxUp hackathon and awarding

SparxUp in Jakarta has concluded, and our Indonesia-based correspondent has a wrap-up of the hackathon sessions and awarding. Continuing our earlier post on the SparxUp event in Jakarta, here were the 10 hackathon teams that finished their apps and got the opportunity to have a five-minute presentation. Hackathon Augmented Diary’s SquareNote - SquareNote is another location-based

Rama Mamuaya, founder of DailySocial

Founder of DailySocial sees potential in Indonesian tech scene, but critical point not reached yet

As tech entrepreneurship continues to grow in Indonesia, founder of leading local tech blog DailySocial shares his takes on what really is happening on the ground. Looking to learn more about the progress that the Indonesian startup community has made over the past year, e27 interviewed Rama Mamuaya, the founder of leading Indonesian tech blog