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3 ways to get more customers and increase loyalty

3 ways to get more customers and increase loyalty

As a business owner, you have to be committed to constantly evaluating your business practices and making necessary changes if you want to see growth If your small business is stagnant or not as profitable as it should be, sitting on your thumbs waiting for things to improve won’t help. You have to make strategic moves

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adMingle launches in Singapore with plans to expand to SEA

Favourable business, infrastructural and manpower conditions in Singapore are the reasons the startup has chosen the city-state as its starting point Europe-based social media influencer network adMingle announced today that it has launched in Singapore, with plans to focus on expansion in the Southeast Asian region in 2015. The company shared with e27 that plans are


[Thailand] Social Media for Business

Are you also looking for the no.1 social media approach to drive traffic to your business? Check out this event organised by the BSD academy Synopsis: This hands-on workshop is designed to learn how to enhance online presence through search engine marketing (SEM), increase engagement and exposure for the fictional company’s brand, launch a marketing


QSearch becomes first Taiwan startup to be accepted into Startup Chile

The QSearch Co-founder says the opportunity is a privilege and fantastic chance to understand the South American market QSearch, a Taiwanese Big Data startup offering a cutting-edge ad campaign pre-analysis tool for media agencies and large companies, has become the first startup from the country to be accepted into Startup Chile, an accelerator programme that saw a


Taipei’s new Mayor Ko Wen-je knows first-hand how great Big Data can be

For independent politician Ko Wen-je, Big Data sure helped him understand sentiment, release relevant information and become Taipei’s new Mayor Many politicians these days believe in the power of the Internet. More specifically, they believe in the power of social media. However, there is one problem. These politicians have no idea how they should wield


Facebook launches Facebook Groups to make sharing easier

With the app, the different Facebook groups users are in will all be in one place. Most active groups will be at the top and switching between groups will be easy Facebook has launched new app Facebook Groups  to help ‘people share faster and more easily with all the groups in their life’. The Groups function is already available on the desktop version, which is


[Malaysia] Digital Atelier Kuala Lumpur #01

Learn from digital & social marketing experts at a lecture/workshop by Hyper Island & award-winning digital agency VLT     Synopsis: Regional award-winning digital agency, VLT Kuala Lumpur is partnering with Hyper Island to bring you Digital Atelier Kuala Lumpur Edition #01. Enter Hackerscape at SSTwo Mall, and learn from industry mavens as they share


GeckoLife wants to protect the digital privacy of you and your children

Parents, this social media site says that you will be able to monitor the digital footprints of your children GeckoLife, a social platform created by a Singapore-based company of the same name, aims to give parents — and their pre-teen children — a safe and collaborative space to share moments and interact with other aspects of


[Singapore] The B2B Marketing Masterclass

Learn to engage with the crowd with the B2B Marketing Masterclass   Synopsis: B2B Social Media – Maximise the power of this often misused channel. Learn the best practices on engaging with the crowd and gaining the most exposure for your brand. Partner Marketing- Forge that win-win situation with your allies. Discover ways to effectively communicate


New Chinese social media app wants to enrich your social life

Pengpeng app integrates games directly into the social experience. With 3M users in just 2 months, expanding to SEA is its immediate focus Pengpeng might be the most interesting mobile social app you have never heard of. Made by a Chinese company called Asia Innovations, it boasts having three million users. Not bad considering the app for Android and


9 ways social media can help you deliver exceptional customer service

How can companies make use of social media like Twitter or Instagram to engage their customers? Tracy Foster from ONA shares 9 tips No matter how prominently you display your customer service email address or phone number, customers are still likely to ask questions, share success stories, or file complaints on your social media channels.


8 hacks that help Singapore startup Zombits stay afloat

e27 talks to the Co-founders of Zombits, former EA employees, who stand out with their 8-bit aesthetics and radical ways of doing things Picture this scenario: you’ve been working for a giant game conglomerate for a long while and have been loyal to it. All of a sudden, the company decides to close its regional publishing