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influr provides launch platform for Airbnb and MTV Asia’s campaigns

influr provides launch platform for Airbnb and MTV Asia’s campaigns

Want to run MTV Asia’s social networks for 10 days, make US$10K and bring two friends to MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014? Singapore-based startup influr has today announced online content crowdsourcing partnerships with Airbnb and MTV Asia through its marketing technology platform. Founded in August 2013, the web-based platform revolves around the idea that “not everyone has influence”


Now install apps from within a tweet on Twitter

Advertisers can now drive mobile app installs and engagements on Twitter. The mobile app promotion allows developers to breakthrough clutter Twitter has rolled out its mobile app promotions programme to advertisers globally. The new service allows app developers to embed ‘Install’ function within a tweet to distinguish themselves from the clutter on app stores. The programme


APAC will account for more than 40 per cent Twitter users by 2018

India and Indonesia saw user growth increase above 50% this year. By end of 2014, India will have 18.1M users, while Indonesia 15.3M users The 140-word cap anomaly that is Twitter will be catching up with Facebook to become Asia Pacific’s favourite and most-used social media tool. According to a forecast by eMarketer, the social media


Is social media working for you?

How do you make sure your business’ social media campaign translates into better results?Andy Karuza shows 6 key points to take note of Anybody can sign up for a social media account and understand its general premise. Does that make you capable of using it for business? Like anything in business, social media (done right) requires


Social commerce solution TackThis! helps retailers go online

As a new e-retailer, you might want to consider and have a social media, mobile and analytics-driven strategy In 2012, Indonesian jewellery business ORORI killed off all its physical stores to go 100 per cent online. It is currently generating more revenue through e-commerce than when it used to have operations offline and online. Such


Echelon 2014: QSearch wants to be the Google for Facebook!

The Taiwan Satellite winner wants to be a search tool for Facebook that can help your business improve Click Through Rate for advertisements Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Big Data firm QSearch, winner of Echelon Taiwan Satellite, knows this well. Social integration


Asia is an awesome launchpad for startups! Much better than US, Europe it seems

IncubAsia Ventures to bring tech startups from other continents to Asia as it sees clear opportunities in the region due to its favourable environment Does Asia need innovation imported from Europe and Australia to energise its startup ecosystem? Does it need help to mature in terms of technological breakthroughs? IncubAsia Ventures wants to bring tech startups from


VanityTrove focuses on engagement with new social media platform

How is the beauty box market in Asia evolving? “… Just the sampling alone won’t cut it,” says VanityTrove Co-founder Douglas Gan Surprise, surprise. Singapore-based beauty box startup VanityTrove has started paying more attention to fulfilling its mission as a beauty discovery platform in the region. Last night, it announced, in conjunction with its ‘Get, Snap, Blingo!’ party


No longer exclusive? Path plans to raise friend limit to 500 per user

Path’s plans to increase its per-user friend limit from 150 to 500 leads users to question its mission of creating close-knit social networks “Private” social network Path is conducting a test involving “a very small group of users” by raising their friend limit to 500. It was first revealed on Twitter by Indonesia’s social media figure Enda


Myanmar’s social network SQUAR takes on publishing games and apps

What does SQUAR Co-founder Rita Nguyen has to say about evolving the social media platform into a bigger publisher? Rita Nguyen wanted consumers to go online in Myanmar, which is what propelled her to launch SQUAR, a social networking service in June 2013. She said, “There’s a lot of value in a country like this. But there’s no information


Twitter Trends now available in Thailand and Vietnam

Will Twitter Trends benefit marketers in the two Southeast Asian countries? A Thai social marketer shares his views Twitter announced today that it has added another 50 locations to support its Twitter Trends feature, bringing the total number of locations supported to more than 210. The list includes cities from Southeast Asian countries Thailand (Bangkok)


The fantastic 4 who made a splash on Singapore’s social networks

Few controversial people kept social media buzzing in Jan 2014. Who are they? How did they get Singaporeans talking? e27 takes a closer look It wasn’t until a few days ago when it hit me. Singapore’s social media scene is getting a lot noisier by the day. People are becoming bolder in discussing views, fact-checking

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[Singapore] Learning the basis of a social media app

In the last workshop of the Mobile App Development Series, learn to manage a social media app! Synopsis: With the advent of social media, integration with the platform is a must. This can lead to problems with handling and storing massive amounts of data. With Red Hat’s proprietary software, building high-impact, self-service applications with social


Now, consumers can transfer money on social media via DOKU

Indonesian online payment getaway DOKU recently launched new feature on DOKU Wallet to assist consumers in transferring money via social media Singapore-based social e-wallet Fastacash has been working together with DOKU, an Indonesian online payment gateway, to assist consumers in transferring money on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. According to Dhenu Wiarsadi,