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[Singapore] Singtel Accelerator Hack Day

[Singapore] Singtel Accelerator Hack Day

Join Hack Day to learn, create and have fun with a wide array of APIs made available by Singtel Synopsis: For the first time ever, SingTel is making available a wide array of APIs for you to play with! Whether you’re a developer, entrepreneur or technology enthusiast, come join us at Hack Day on Saturday,


[Singapore] Startup Bootcamp Course Preview #1

Build Innovative and Scalable Businesses with Guidance from Entrepreneurs and Investors   Synopsis: Get to hear more about the Lithan Hall Academy’s Startup Bootcamp (NICF – Technology Ventures Creation) offered by TIEN Academy (founded by Leslie Loh, Red Dot Ventures) where aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself will learn how to build and validate a business case


[Singapore] NUS-SMRT Commuthon

NUS-SMRT Commuthon – Singapore’s first ever commuter experience hackathon Synopsis: Calling all entrepreneurs, developers and change-makers! From 29-31 August 2014, NUS Enterprise and SMRT will be organising Singapore’s first commuter experience hackathon. Participants of the NUS-SMRT Commuthon will be tasked to develop solutions that create a more positive travel experience through innovation and technology. Their


[Singapore] Backstage Pass by Peatix – The $ Edition

The $ Edition: Make more, save more for your indie event   Synopsis: Organising an indie event? At our seventh Backstage Pass, three speakers share experiences you can learn from to make more money, and at the same time, save money. Backstage Pass by Peatix is a community event for event organisers – exchange lessons,


[Singapore] PechaKucha x INSEAD 2014

PechaKucha x INSEAD 2014 brings inspirational talks from entrepreneurs, top educators, and social impact leaders! Synopsis: Join our inspirational evening at PechaKucha Night x INSEAD on August 21st. We showcase entrepreneurs, industry leaders, top educators, and social impact leaders, and the speakers deliver their talks under the 20×20 format (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide).


[Singapore] INTERNalize

#internswanted for the most dynamic and disruptive tech startups this side of the world. Synopsis: Whether you’re a hustling biz-whiz, a hacker techie, or a design hipster, this is THE party to be at. You’ll be partying with the biggest names from Singapore’s tech & startup scene over free-flow booze & plenty of munchies. Speakers:


Real estate startup OpenAgent secures US$927K in funding

Australian site that lets you choose property agents based on user ranking will use the money to scale the business Zoe Pointon, Co-founder of Australian real estate startup OpenAgent has plenty to celebrate about today. The company closed an AU$1 million (US$9,27,000) investment round that saw the likes of Pete Flint become involved. Flint is also Co-founder of  Trulia,


This app says it can give you a perfectly planned day

MyGola’s ‘Perfect Day’ app curates things to do in a new city and not surprisingly, it is first to be launched in the mecca for tourists and business travellers — Singapore India-slash-US-based company MyGola, known for its trip planner app and website, will be taking a step forward with a new concept that claims to meticulously plan your


This Singapore-based startup is dead set on making game music

Co-founders of audio production house IMBA Interactive talk about their love for making video game audio, and the challenges in setting up a shop for the same in the city-state The gaming slang for “imbalanced” is “imba”, a term describing how unfair a particular game system, weapon, power-up or unit is. So it’s no surprise


Who would have thought Okinawa could become a hotbed for tech startups!

The serene Japanese island is beaming with entrepreneurial energy. What is its attraction? We list 5 of its prominent startups When you think of the Japanese island of Okinawa, you think serenity, calmness, the origins of an ancient martial arts used in the Olympics, and the insanely huge Churaumi Aquarium. The last thing a regular Joe


SG businesses need to embrace mobility: OutSystems’ Paulo Rosado

The CEO of the business app-creating platform talks to e27 on how the company can help Singapore enterprises improve the way they function If you have an idea for an app to help business entrepreneurs and startups but lack the software resources and servers to keep it running, OutSystems might be something you’re looking for. OutSystems


[Singapore] Startup Op – Adopting Design in Your Business Strategy Development

Learn how to engage consumers, create new value, and enhance your business’ competitive edge with a design thinking attitude   Synopsis: In this edition of Startup Op, we explore how businesses can adopt design as part of their business strategy. Discover how you can engage consumers, create new value and enhance your business’ competitive edge


8 hacks that help Singapore startup Zombits stay afloat

e27 talks to the Co-founders of Zombits, former EA employees, who stand out with their 8-bit aesthetics and radical ways of doing things Picture this scenario: you’ve been working for a giant game conglomerate for a long while and have been loyal to it. All of a sudden, the company decides to close its regional publishing


Founders Drinks: How startup founders can evaluate their companies

Making up numbers does not work, says Futurebooks’ George Mathew, as he shares tips on company valuation for early-stage startups How can an entrepreneur judge the value of his or her company when it hasn’t even earned its first dollar? It’s crucial that founders know the value of their companies before they pitch to investors, lest


IDA launches accreditation programme for Singapore-based startups

Startups that receive the IDA Accredited Product from the new Accreditation@IDA programme will be preferred for government contracts How do you know if a startup is credible and not some fly-by-night operation that will shutter its doors the moment it receives a million dollars in funding and leave customers and investors high and dry? The Infocomm Development