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Meet Blueprint, Hong Kong’s latest B2B tech accelerator & co-working space

Meet Blueprint, Hong Kong’s latest B2B tech accelerator & co-working space

Ten startups will get to move into the new space, along with gaining extensive mentorship; Blueprint will not take equity from startups Hong Kong already has over 30 co-working spaces, a significant improvement on the measly three that were around only a few years ago. From next month, the city it is set to have one


[Malaysia] Growth Hacking Malaysia

Learn about growth hacking from experienced experts and receive on the spot advice and feedback on your current growth challenges! Synopsis: “Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the product built, they fail because they can’t acquire customers” Growth Hacking Malaysia focuses on tactics and processes to achieve fast and sustainable startup growth based on the concept


Updating the backbone of the world economy: Freightos’ Zvi Schreiber

The Freightos Founder tells e27 that after several exits through acquisitions with his other startups, he’d really love to take Freightos the IPO route The StartmeupHK Week in Hong Kong has only just finished a few days ago on Friday, November 14. Though there were still some events ongoing over the weekend, we already wanted to get


Too nerdy for the crowd? Tweeq struggles with US$40K Kickstarter

The kickstarter campaign launched two weeks ago by Singapore-based Mopus Works may be too niche for its own good Singapore-based hardware startup Mopus Works appears to be struggling with its £25,000 (US$40,000) Kickstarter campaign for tweeq that was launched around two weeks ago. With only 16 days left, the startup has raised a little over 20


KerjaDulu’s Chris Liu wants to disrupt Indonesia’s job market

Indonesia’s new social job platform’s CEO tells e27 he sees huge growth potential in a market that has 55 million registered companies Indonesia, with its 250-million-strong population (far larger than many realise), also, unexpectedly, has a huge and growing jobs market. A recent report by McKinsey in September shows the country is on track to become the world’s seventh


[Singapore] i-SUITE Series: How a CIO Thinks, Plans & Buys

Learn how a CIO thinks, plans & buys, and find out the secrets of selling enterprise solutions for tech entrepreneurs & sales professionals Synopsis: Selling complex and disruptive solutions into large organisations is a highly challenging but rewarding endeavour. The ability to sell into these organisations often define the survivability and, ultimately, success of enterprise start-ups, product developers and


[Indonesia] Growth Hacking Indonesia

Learn about Growth Hacking from Experienced Experts and Receive on the Spot Advice and Feedback on your Current Growth Challenges! Synopsis: “Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the product built, they fail because they can’t acquire customers” Growth Hacking Indonesia focuses on tactics and processes to achieve fast and sustainable startup growth based on


Thumbsup releases its Thailand Startup Year in Review 2014 report

Thumbsup’s report highlights nine notable Thai startup funding rounds from this year, but 70 per cent remain bootstrapped Thailand’s tech professionals and startup community Thumbsup has released its Thai Startup Year in Review 2014. Its data shows that the majority (44.1 per cent) of startups in Thailand surveyed are in the development stage; 27.6 per


Finnish mobile-payments startup IroFit raises US$600K seed fund

IroFit’s CEO reveals to e27 that the startup is interested in India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Helsinki-based ‘Internet-free’ mobile payments startup IroFit today announced it has raised US$600,000 from leading Nordic early-stage VC firm Inventure. The startup revealed to e27 that it is eyeing at least six emerging markets in Asia for its soon-to-launch service. “We


Japan’s startups face one fatal flaw beyond simple risk aversion

Kauffman Fellows’ Philip Wickham holds the view that Japan’s onerous bankruptcy laws are one of its biggest problems for budding startups Speaking to e27 ahead of StartmeupHK Week in Hong Kong that runs through to Sunday, keynote speaker Philip Wickham said Japan’s startup culture faces a much bigger problem than just the stereotype of being risk-averse Asian


For startups, is Hong Kong a post-colonial relic frozen in time?

Hong Kong isn’t what people assume, says InvestHK’s Simon Galpin, and what’s more, it may just surprise you in some unexpected ways Monday signalled the start of StartmeupHK Week, which promises to be an event-packed seven days on all-things startups in Hong Kong. Simon Galpin is Director-General of government-funded InvestHK, the organiser of today’s StartmeupHK Venture Forum. He


We plan to map the world’s entrepreneurial landscape: Rasmus Frandsen

Startuptravels’ Co-founder talks on having the right people on board, building a quality community, plus Asia and the Asian entrepreneur This is part 2 of a two-part exclusive with Startuptravels Co-founder Rasmus Frandsen. Read part 1 here. Please tell us about your team. When we (myself and Co-founder Anders Hasselstr0m) had the idea, we began by outsourcing all


[Singapore] The “China Dream”

Find out how to accelerate your success in the Chinese mobile market with The “China Dream” conference Synopsis: Innovation in China? Yep, it’s happening! Snacks and drinks at The Co? Also happening! China’s Mobile Industry — A Fantastic Growth Story That’s Only Just Beginning How quickly is the mobile market in China growing, and what are


[Submission] The VC Apprentice Challenge

Learn from Singapore’s top venture capitalists at the VC Apprentice Challenge More info: Calling all Venture Capital wannabes! Are you seeking a real VC investment experience? Do you want to be the deal maker of a hot start-up? Do you have what it takes to be an investor? This is the opportunity for you to


Hong Kong air monitor startup uHoo to launch US$30K Indiegogo campaign

Uhoo’s Co-founder tells e27 that the device plans to retail at US$199, with the Indiegogo campaign going live on November 11, 2014 uHoo, a new Hong Kong-based startup founded this year that wants to ‘defend you from air pollution’, has told e27 that it will be launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on November 11, 2014. The