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[Singapore] Startups and Public Relations

[Singapore] Startups and Public Relations

Join us for a workshop on startups and public relations, and learn how to engage stakeholders in your business Synopsis: Startups = opportunities + challenges So you have your idea, your product, your company; now what? How do you make it real, make it work? What do you need to do to… …secure funding? …recruit the

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4 ways to keep your backers happy after a crowdfunding campaign

After hitting the magic button, don’t get daunted by your accountability to hundreds. Follow these tips that will help you launch your product successfully You did it! You hit the magic number, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign built on preparation, a compelling video, strong promotion and a savvy campaign page. Give yourself a pat


[Singapore] Global Start-Up@Singapore Seminar

Kuwo CEO Ming Lei will speak at Start-Up@Singapore on building mobile startups, how to create scalable platforms and viral marketing plans Synopsis: This upcoming Global Start-Up@Singapore Seminar on building global company will feature Mr. Ming Lei, one of the seven founders and Chief Architect of search engine Baidu and Founder and CEO of Kuwo, a


[Singapore] Founders Drinks: The 80/20 Rules of Email Marketing

Learn to apply the 80/20 rule to your email marketing campaigns, and watch conversions and clickthrough rates rise! Synopsis: How do you feel about email marketing? For most marketers and business owners, it’s still one of the most effective channels that drives revenue to their businesses. But ask them again about the effort it takes


[Singapore] Spaze Series – Launch your startup now!

Are you ready to launch your startup? This speaker series and networking event Startup Spaze can help you with that! Synopsis: Launching a startup is an experience and a journey of a lifetime. Entrepreneurs translate their passion and belief into a sustainable business model to thrive in a new or existing industry. Today, entrepreneurs are exposed to many


Echelon Thailand: Passion for beer gave rise to this startup

Wishbeer Founder Jerome Le Louer shares the story behind the beer delivery service Passion and patience. These two virtues are key to starting a business. And one person who swears by them is Jerome Le Louer, Founder of Wishbeer. Launched in early 2013, Wishbeer is a beer delivery service that aims to bring the best beers from all around

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Can North Korea create a startup culture?

Tech entrepreneurship in North Korea might seem to be an odd notion. Founder of non-profit Choson Exchange delves on how the country can create a startup culture We just completed a two-week workshop in North Korea as part of our ‘Tech Start PY’ programme in August. Tech Start PY is focussed on helping build an entrepreneurial culture

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Asia has ideas, talent, money and a huge market: Dimmes Doornhein

The Chairman – Supervisory Board of Aureus Analytics says focus of the startup world is increasingly shifting to Asia, with the region having all the right ingredients to shine “Singapore is not that far behind from Silicon Valley,” says Dimmes Doornhein, Chairman – Supervisory Board, Aureus Analytics. The Dutch national is an entrepreneur and international


[Australia] VIP Night: Launching ‘The Pulse’ Melbourne

Get connected by joining startups, creatives, tech stars, and entrepreneurs for a night of trivia and celebration, the drinks are on us! Synopsis: The Pulse is Melbourne’s hottest new community of entrepreneurs and innovators. Come and get connected by joining startups, creatives, tech stars, and entrepreneurs for a night of trivia and celebration, the drinks


[United States] beGLOBAL 2014

Annual Global Tech Conference with a Korean touch. Organized by the organizers of beLAUNCH, the top startup conference in Korea. Synopsis: Bringing together the best of Tech from the East and West, beGLOBAL 2014 is a one day conference held in Silicon Valley organized by the team behind beLAUNCH, the top startup conference in Korea.


[Singapore] Singapore startups meet Japanese Giants

Meet representatives of well-known Japanese companies and find out what they look for in SEA startups   Synopsis: Rakuten, CyberAgent, Yahoo Japan, NTT…  A tour group made of mega corporations from Japan is visiting Blk71 coming 22th September, Monday, led by MBA professor and Venture Capitalist Dr. Hasegawa. Companies will have the opportunity to network