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Passion matters in today’s world: Bill Tai — Part 2

Passion matters in today’s world: Bill Tai — Part 2

People would rather try to take control of their own destiny and have fun while doing it, says Tai, while talking about the current generation This concludes the two-part e27 exclusive with venture capitalist Bill Tai. Read Part 1 here How’s Hong Kong as a startup location? Hong Kong and other geographies around the world are becoming

bill tai

Bill Tai wants to ‘empower the next generation’ of Zuckerbergs

In this e27 exclusive, Tai talks about the OzAPP Awards, his MaiTai community, books he recommends, tech’s fifth wave and much more This is part one of a two-part e27 exclusive with Bill Tai Legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai, who established the West Coast office of Charles River Ventures in 2002 and whose firm seeded

bill tai

In pursuit of a startup unicorn: Venture Capitalist Bill Tai

Defining a tech unicorn as a startup with a US$1 billion market cap, Tai says finding one is a lot like the surfer trying to ride that perfect wave Legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai, who established the West Coast office of Charles River Ventures, is looking to find tech startups’ next ‘unicorn’, which he defines as “a


[Singapore] JSConf.Asia

Learn about the latest developments in Javascript in Southeast Asia’s most influential web developer conference Synopsis: Learn about the latest developments in Javascript with 2 days of packed talks and workshops from some of the best developers from companies like Airbnb, Paypal, Yahoo, DigitalOcean, Meteor, Github, Atlassian, Redmart, Zendesk, Microsoft and many, many more. It’s

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Tech startups get more media attention because they’re ‘fun’

Netscape Co-founder Marc Andreesen thinks tech startups get special media attention because they’re ‘fun’. But is this a good thing? In an age where many governments are being criticised for reducing science spending, something celebrity physicist and BBC presenter Brian Cox regularly laments, are tech startups stealing all the limelight? As today’s new gadget-obsessed generation grows


Empower your startup with Echelon Malaysia 2014

e27 is taking Echelon to Malaysia. Learn from Asia’s tech and business leaders, and power up your startup to the next level   Synopsis e27 is bringing the Echelon magic to Malaysia with Echelon Malaysia 2014. Home to tech companies like JobStreet and the recently-listed MOL, the Malaysian startup scene is developing rapidly, with initiatives like


Google Primer offers bite-size marketing lessons for startups

Google looks to give startups the best shot at success with its new marketing advice app Primer, available for free on iOS (and soon Android) Google has launched free ‘experimental’ app Primer in a bid to help startups market themselves more effectively. The app aims to offer a ‘no-nonsense’ primer through case studies, insider tips

Chris Adams on social mobile first startups in Asia

Asian markets are ahead in social: TCG’s Chris Adams

The Director of TCG talks about social- and mobile-first approach of startups in the region, emulating the success of Alibaba and Hong Kong as a gateway to China Chris Adams has spent over five years working with startups as a social media consultant and provider of digital marketing services to drive sales and scale business

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10 top financial tips for early-stage startups

These handy financial hacks will aid in staying afloat and focussed during early stages of your company So your company’s in its very early stages. We’re talking a skeleton crew of staff, minimal sales and even less cash. While your focus is understandably on immediate survival and how you can hit your first big hurdles,


[Singapore] Customer Acquisition and Growth for Startups

Learn how to acquire profitable customers to drive the growth of your startup with Startup Spaze Synopsis: Technology gains have redefined many aspects of lives and businesses. We are being forced to review the traditional techniques for sales and marketing and look at their impact and effectiveness in this new era. Are your efforts of prospecting,

Patrick Keenan, Managing Director, Litmus PR feat

[Singapore] Startups and Public Relations

Join us for a workshop on startups and public relations, and learn how to engage stakeholders in your business Synopsis: Startups = opportunities + challenges So you have your idea, your product, your company; now what? How do you make it real, make it work? What do you need to do to… …secure funding? …recruit the

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4 ways to keep your backers happy after a crowdfunding campaign

After hitting the magic button, don’t get daunted by your accountability to hundreds. Follow these tips that will help you launch your product successfully You did it! You hit the magic number, thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign built on preparation, a compelling video, strong promotion and a savvy campaign page. Give yourself a pat


[Singapore] Global Start-Up@Singapore Seminar

Kuwo CEO Ming Lei will speak at Start-Up@Singapore on building mobile startups, how to create scalable platforms and viral marketing plans Synopsis: This upcoming Global Start-Up@Singapore Seminar on building global company will feature Mr. Ming Lei, one of the seven founders and Chief Architect of search engine Baidu and Founder and CEO of Kuwo, a


[Singapore] Founders Drinks: The 80/20 Rules of Email Marketing

Learn to apply the 80/20 rule to your email marketing campaigns, and watch conversions and clickthrough rates rise! Synopsis: How do you feel about email marketing? For most marketers and business owners, it’s still one of the most effective channels that drives revenue to their businesses. But ask them again about the effort it takes