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Hong Kong’s Scoutbots is cleaning up our oceans with open source technology

Hong Kong’s Scoutbots is cleaning up our oceans with open source technology

Scoutbots is currently raising an undisclosed seed round from one of Skype’s Co-founders, expected to close in the coming weeks “Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can


10man is a Malaysian tenancy management startup with a regional vision

The 10man Co-founder believes Southeast Asia’s tenancy management space is lying largely untapped and severely underserved 10man is a newly-launched tenancy management startup in Malaysia, with a base in Kuala Lumpur and plans to expand regionally. It has so far raised nearly MYR 800,000 (US$230,000) in capital, but is looking for a more sizeable US$2 million


[Malaysia] Equity Crowdfunding: Make money investing in startups

Learn how to make money investing in startups via equity crowdfunding Synopsis: Want to invest in the next “Facebook” before it becomes as popular as Facebook? Want to own a part of high growth Malaysian start-ups like iMoney before it goes public? Historically, investing in start-ups has been limited to the top 1%. However, according


Meet the 10 startup graduates from Chinaccelerator’s Fall 2014 programme

Previous successful startups include OrderWithMe, Splitforce, Launchpilots, Seeder, Aylien, Piktochart, NeoNan, Giftpass, Social Agent and Appfuel Chinaccelerator graduated 10 software startups from its three-month Fall 2014 programme (Batch VI) in Shanghai at the end of November, with around 200 in attendance on demo day. The startups range from those that can help find the closest happy hour, to


Blockstrap wants to be for Bitcoin what WordPress is for media

Blockstrap wants to provide tools that remove all the complicated blockchain tech, and instead provide developers with a standard API and framework People don’t care about the ins and outs of the power generation industry; they just want to be able to plug their smartphone or laptop into the power socket and get juiced up. The


Asia Beat Taiwan: Hugh Mason on startup accelerators in Asia

Few are more qualified to talk about startup accelerators in Asia than Hugh Mason of JFDI, who shared his insights with the panel Asia Beat Taiwan 2014 kicked off in Taipei yesterday with an exciting lineup of about 50 respected speakers from the industry, as well as 43 startups looking to make a splash here and


Echelon Malaysia: 5 lessons from accidental entrepreneur Chok Leang Ooi

The CEO of AgilityIO shared five lessons for entrepreneurs and startups at his keynote speech during Echelon Malaysia 2014 this week “The reason I’m standing here today is because I’m an accidental entrepreneur,” Chok Leang Ooi, Co-founder and CEO at AgilityIO, and Mentor at 500 Startups, told the sell-out audience at this week’s Echelon Malaysia 2014


Telekom Malaysia to launch first startup accelerator programme in Jan 2015

Perks for its startups include work space, go-to-market channels, facilities at MMU, R&D labs, event space, plus much more Telekom Malaysia (TM) is to launch its first startup accelerator programme in January 2015 in a move that aims to address two problems with a single solution. The country’s largest telecom and ISP giant wants to find innovative


Echelon Malaysia: Building a US$1B startup in Southeast Asia: Patrick Grove

The CEO of Catcha Group introduces his ‘five P’ checklist, and explains why Southeast Asia has as good a chance as anywhere of producing the next US$1 billion company Speaking at Echelon Malaysia 2014, Patrick Grove, Chairman and CEO, Catcha Group, said the VC wants to play a role in ‘building great disruptive businesses’ across


Meet Blueprint, Hong Kong’s latest B2B tech accelerator & co-working space

Ten startups will get to move into the new space, along with gaining extensive mentorship; Blueprint will not take equity from startups Hong Kong already has over 30 co-working spaces, a significant improvement on the measly three that were around only a few years ago. From next month, the city it is set to have one


[Malaysia] Growth Hacking Malaysia

Learn about growth hacking from experienced experts and receive on the spot advice and feedback on your current growth challenges! Synopsis: “Startups don’t fail because they can’t get the product built, they fail because they can’t acquire customers” Growth Hacking Malaysia focuses on tactics and processes to achieve fast and sustainable startup growth based on the concept


Updating the backbone of the world economy: Freightos’ Zvi Schreiber

The Freightos Founder tells e27 that after several exits through acquisitions with his other startups, he’d really love to take Freightos the IPO route The StartmeupHK Week in Hong Kong has only just finished a few days ago on Friday, November 14. Though there were still some events ongoing over the weekend, we already wanted to get


Too nerdy for the crowd? Tweeq struggles with US$40K Kickstarter

The kickstarter campaign launched two weeks ago by Singapore-based Mopus Works may be too niche for its own good Singapore-based hardware startup Mopus Works appears to be struggling with its £25,000 (US$40,000) Kickstarter campaign for tweeq that was launched around two weeks ago. With only 16 days left, the startup has raised a little over 20