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Chief of Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer is now Head of Xbox

Chief of Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer is now Head of Xbox

The man who made centre stage appearances at Microsoft Xbox-related press conferences will helm entire Xbox business Gaming enthusiasts who kept tabs on the many appearances of Phil Spencer in Xbox-related press conferences and roundtables shouldn’t be so surprised at these recent turn of events. The official Xbox news site announced that the Chief of


Ex-Nokia CEO now controls Microsoft’s Xbox division

Stephen Elop takes over Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division from Executive Vice President Julie Larson-Green Ex-Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will now be leading Microsoft’s Devices and Studios division, which means that he will be calling the shots for all things Xbox, Surface and game studios-related. According to an internal Microsoft memo (via The Verge), Elop

Is there more to MeeGo?

Among the biggest news to come out of CommunicAsia was the launch of the Nokia N9 smartphone. And it’s a pretty big deal, considering that Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop took the time out to unveil it in Singapore. Like Elop, the N9 is an opinion-dividing device.

Nokia and Microsoft: Whose phone is it, anyway?

Nokia dropped a bomb on Friday as chief executive Stephen Elop announced an alliance with Microsoft to adopt Windows Phone 7 as its smartphone platform of choice. It hasn’t dropped Symbian and Meego altogether but the two will become open source platforms and the company will continue to ship Symbian devices for the remainder of