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News  12, Aug 2013

TEDxChiang Mai will look into the future of education in Thailand

TEDxChiang Mai is happening this coming September 14. The community event will see a session dedicated to the future of education.

On September 14th TEDxChiang Mai will be held in Le Meridien themed “Smart Societies”. The 2013 edition will be the largest creativity and idea forum in Thailand to date. More than 20 national and international speakers have been confirmed.

Particularly interesting is that TEDxChiang Mai will have a dedicated session to the future of education. We recently published an article about Mathblink addressing Thailand’s, and the regions for that matter, problems in the education sector.

TEDx Chiang Mai will give those that experience education first hand a voice. Up to five students from different universities will be able to express their ideas and talk about their experiences in the Thai education system.

Among the more than 20 international speakers are

TEDxChiang Mai is a non for profit event. Tickets are limited and available here.

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