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News  13, Mar 2014

Telco ZTE joins forces with game developer The9 to launch the Fun Box

The two companies have teamed up to build a NVidia Tegra 4-powered Chinese-tailored gaming machine. The console will be out this month

A scene at Chinajoy 2013. Image credit: Kotaku

One of China’s biggest telcos will join forces with one of the country’s biggest online game publishers for a rather interesting venture.

ZTE Corp and The9 Ltd. will be working together to release a new China-exclusive game console called the Fun Box (via Bloomberg). The cube-shaped console will be out this month and will be powered by a NVidia Tegra 4 chip with 2GB RAM and BlueTooth-enabled game controllers. And no, there aren’t any plans to release it outside of China.

With the 14-year foreign console ban in China lifted, it seems like a good opportunity to jump in. Microsoft already did, with its partnership with China media company BesTV New Media Co. Ltd. to create a new China-exclusive console. This venture is worth US$237 million.

The elephant in the room is that there isn’t any mention of games or software that will be launching with the Fun Box. Because if you don’t have any games to play on the device, you’re just left with a shiny cube-shaped paperweight. Speaking of which, there aren’t any pictures of the device in the Bloomberg article, or anywhere else for that matter. That isn’t going to instill confidence if there isn’t any visual evidence of the device, especially if it’s coming out this month.

e27 is currently inquiring with ZTE Corp and The9 Ltd. on this. The story will be updated accordingly.

Jonathan Toyad

Jonathan Toyad

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