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News  11, Dec 2013

Telunjuk starts initiative to boost consumer confidence online

Price comparison website, Telunjuk, hopes to raise public confidence in online shopping by giving away gift coupons and launching a mobile app

The opportunity to grow e-commerce in Indonesia is still big. What is not helping the cause is low public confidence in online shopping. Hence, price comparison website, Telunjuk, together with its merchant partners has launched online shopping activity #SukacitaNatal.

By shopping online on Telunjuk with the minimum purchase of IDR 100K (or about US$ 8), costumers will get one gift coupon. Telunjuk and its merchant partners will randomly draw the winner to get grand prize of IDR 20 million (or about USD 1,667) in unexpected time.

“Out of 74 million Internet users in Indonesia there are only about 4.6 million people who have shopped online. Public confidence in the online medium is arguably the biggest issue in the development of e-commerce. Therefore, we want to give access to users to various online stores with guaranteed shopping transaction security. I think, the end of the year is the perfect time to invite people to try online shopping. We hope that if users have a satisfying online shopping experience, they will trust and keep shopping online,” said Hanindia Narendrata Rahiesa , Co-Founder and CMO of PT. Telunjuk Komputasi Indonesia.

In addition, Telunjuk also launched an Android application for its shopping search engine site that is now available on Google Play Store.

“We found that 45 per cent of Telunjuk visitors are using mobile devices and the majority are Android users. That’s why we are making a new app for the Android platform alone, but other platforms will soon follow. As for users that using other than Android, you can access the mobile site. The looks of the mobile site will be easier to use because the layout has been streamlined and tailored for mobile devices. With mobile apps and site, we want to give easy access for mobile devices users which are having increasing numbers in Indonesia.” he added.

Launched back in 2011, Jakarta based price comparison website Telunjuk now has more than 30 merchants listed on the website with the products ranged from gadgets to travel tickets, from beauty and fashion to automotives. Telunjuk raised the first round investment from Venture Republic, Japan based VC, in June 2013.

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Christine Siagian

Christine Siagian

Christine is a life-long digital learner: she spends most of her day and night getting to understand all things about internet! Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, she is interested in research, big data, digital start-up, technology, and entrepreneurship. If she is not working with data, you can find her running on treadmill, on the road, or in the hills. Currently training for ultra marathon this year.

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