Thai e-publishing platform Ookbee partners Indonesia’s SCOOP


Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, CEO of OokbeeOokbee signs a strategic partnership with Indonesian e-publishing platform, SCOOP, bringing their combined titles to 600 with a reach of over four million devices.

Thailand’s ebook store leader, Ookbee, has signed a strategic partnership with Indonesian counterpart, SCOOP, today in Singapore. The two platforms, started in 2012, will rely on this partnership to accelerate their growth through knowledge sharing, securing deals from bigger publishers, as well as cross-marketing their respective products.

The partnership will see Ookbee and SCOOP’s combine collection totalling 600 regional magazine titles and daily newspapers. Both platforms have a current reach of over four million devices and deliver over six million digital publications each year.

In the press release, Ookbee’s CEO Natavudh Pungcharoenpong mentioned, ” Partnering together will make Ookbee/SCOOP the biggest newsstand and ebook store platform in the Southeast Asian region. I believe this will create a synergy in so many ways in order to fulfil our visions of offering the best services for our users.”

Willson Cuaca, CEO of Apps Founder Pte Ltd, the company behind SCCOP also mentioned, “When we met early this month, we compared notes and realised that both companies are moving towards the same directions. Since Southeast Asia is made up of fragmented home markets, we both felt that join expansion via a cross-bored partnership will accelerate our growth further.”

Ookbee recently raised a US$2 million round from INTOUCH, at a US$8 million valuation. They were last reported to be growing at a healthy rate of 5000 new users daily.

Image credits: The Nation

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