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News  4, Mar 2010

Tribefish.com – Fish for Videos and Win a HD Flip Cam

tribefish logos3 finalVideo viewing on the web is phenomenal. Just on Youtube alone, an astounding 14.8 billion videos were viewed online. While this number is massive, it still does not take into effect the plethora of other video sites, most of which have pretty decent traffic. Sum all of them together and you have a “gi-normous” amount of content to sift through. Searching for videos is one thing, but discovering them is whole different ball game and I just got word of a new startup, Tribefish, working on that problem.

Tribefish is like a customized and personalized video discovery engine, that sifts through all the web platforms and video sites to deliver the most personalized experience to you. The emphasis is on exploration and discovery, not so much on search though. While the current website is nowhere close to what they promise to deliver, they are clearly serious on improving their service and providing the best user experience possible. They are offering, as  bait, a Flip MinoHD 60 mins camera to 10 deserving winners who can provide useful feedback on how they can use their service. Do note that the service is raw, and be ready to play around with a system that is hardly ready for launch but yearning for feedback to improve.

Mohan Belani

Mohan Belani

The face of e27, Mohan Belani is the Co-Founder and Director of e27 at Optimatic Pte. Ltd., where he also runs Asia's leading web technology event, Echelon. Apart from events, he runs all business development and strategic partnership related activities. Mohan Belani is the also the co-founder of Gokil Games, a startup focused on the social gaming industry. Mohan Belani is an avid fan of Skyrim and loves mountain climbing. He loves meeting new people, anytime anywhere.

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