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Business  23, Dec 2013

Unipin launches mobile site; targets 1M paid users in 2014

Hoping to extend its reach to gamers and 41 million smartphone users in Indonesia, online game payment provider, Unipin has launched a mobile site

Screenshot from Unipin.com

Hoping to extend its reach to 41 million smartphone users in Indonesia, online game payment provider, Unipin, has launched its mobile site – m.unipin.com. With its mobile site, Unipin hopes to take its current number of 450,000 paid users, to 1 million by the end of 2014.

Ashadi Ang, Executive Director, Unipin

Ashadi Ang, Executive Director, Unipin

“The launch of Unipin Mobile will strengthen our position as the most advanced payment means in online game industry in Indonesia. This will also give more payment alternatives to online gamers,” said Ashadi Ang, Executive Director, Unipin.

The online gaming market is on the rise in Indonesia, and Unipin alone claims to get around 300,000 registered players buying game credits every month.

These are mostly web-based game, which are very popular in Indonesia due to the ease of playing, which require no download and can be played even on slow internet connections.

Unipin has tied up with 40 game publishers from Indonesia as well as international palyers to provide online gaming vouchers to gamers. Some of the games that are popular amongst Indonesian online gamers include Dota 2, Ragnarok Online 2, Top Eleven, Perjuangan Semut, Chaos of Three Kingdom.

The items bought are usually in-game item, virtual coin, music and educational content.

“In 2011 we had 500 game titles, in 2012 we raised the number to 1,000. This year, we have 2,000 game titles that used our online payment system. This shows our market share has risen steadily,” said Ang.

Users can buy electronic vouchers from over 9,000 physical outlets including Indonesia’s ubiquitous convenience store chain, Indomaret.

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