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News  7, Mar 2013

Vertu Ti luxury Android smartphone launched in Singapore


VERTU TITitanium body. Sapphire crystal screen which only a diamond can scratch. Leather accents. Exclusive elite club with first-class Concierge services. Mere opulence or a really smart smartphone? Presenting the new Vertu Ti.

It has been some time since we heard from the leading luxury mobile phone brand Vertu. Just yesterday Vertu launched its first luxury touchscreen smartphone running on Android at its flagship Singapore store. The Vertu Ti now runs with Google underpinnings, after Vertu left its longtime buddy Nokia and the Symbian platform.

The smartphone, which sells for €7,900 (US$10,300), boasts of its world’s largest sapphire crystal screen at 3.7 inches diagonal, and grade-5 titanium body, with what is said to be five times stronger than most smartphones. The Vertu TI also hasleather accents, which go through 17 different tests to prove its robustness. More than that, each Vertu Ti is crafted by a single craftsman in England, and signed at the back of the SIM cover, making it rather personal than most smartphones out there.

Other features noted by the British manufacturer and retailer include an 8 megapixel rear camera with autofocus and twin LED flash, a 1.3 megapixel front-facing Skype compliant camera, 64GB internal memory and secure near field communication (NFC) technology.

Well, if you are going to be rich, you might as well have convenience at your fingertips, literally. With Vertu’s new feature, VERTU key, users get exclusive access to benefits and services via a global team anytime and anywhere. Vertu owners, therefore, have a phone that understands their elite status. These services include Vertu Life, which is accompanied by its famous Concierge service where customers are able to book reservations for the hottest restaurants and watering holes, check out the most happening events and get whatever information they ask for. Users can also request for services like bodyguards and bulletproof cars if they need to.

After all, what do the wealthy fear more than getting thrown into a car boot by kidnappers? The phone has it all figured out: hold onto the ruby-like button on the side of phone and the device will automatically go into dummy mode while recording down information and transmitting it to the luxury mobile provider. You might as well feel like James Bond in a 007 movie, right? It is definitely not hogwash, as explained by the demo staff at Vertu, with a real customer getting tracked down faster than the local police force could because he or she used that function while being kidnapped.

Vertu’s global chief marketing and communications officer, Massimiliano Pogliani said, “VERTU TI is the most rounded product that we have ever designed. The new Android platform and elegant physical presence combined with Vertu’s renowned curated benefits and services deliver a unique and exceptional proposition.”

We reached out to Vertu regarding its sales and demand in the Southeast Asia region, but according to the company’s policy, such information cannot be shared with the media.

Amidst (probably envious) sighs that it is outrageously expensive, let’s no forget it is a luxury brand, after all. People who have the money will probably buy it for what it has to offer in terms of status, all the more because it has a hefty price tag. But to us, the new Vertu Ti is definitely more than mere opulence and a status symbol, because this time, with technology and exquisite design thrown into the phone, it did leave us enthralled for a bit. If their target audience are willing to spend thousands of dollars on watches and fashion items, why not a phone which avails itself to their needs?

Elaine Huang

Elaine Huang

Elaine is a fervent believer that if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, we will all be snapping away at them with our phones and posting them onto Instagram. A Mass Communication graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic's School of Film and Media Studies, she enjoys writing about technology and entrepreneurs. When not hashtagging her way through all sorts of trouble, Elaine is probably contemplating how to write in the third person.

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