WebRTC startup Temasys launches Skyway platform


Temasys’ new WebRTC platform could enable instant messaging services to provide real-time video chat services at a low cost


Singapore-based startup Temasys Communications has announced the launch of Skyway, a new web real-time communication (WebRTC) platform. With Skyway, businesses and developers can now have the tools and infrastructure to embed WebRTC into devices and applications, enabling browser-to-browser audio, video and data connections.

A collection of JavaScript APIs, WebRTC has tremendous potential across several sectors such as conferencing and collaboration, human resource, training, market research, and transactional data exchange. The data channel provides opportunities for file sharing, gaming and financial transaction processing.

Temasys CEO Chip Wilcox noted that tech companies have been working fast to deliver the innovations that will disrupt and transform how people communicate. “We are providing the technology for businesses and developers to serve the peer-to-peer, group and enterprise communication markets with audio, video and data services,” he said. “Temasys is developing and validating a WebRTC-powered video, audio, and chat solution, making it as easy as possible for our customers to deploy and scale real-time communications solutions that integrate seamlessly with their online communities.”

However, CTO Alex Gouaillard cautioned that WebRTC is still currently just an API, and requires additional technologies to fulfill its initial promise. “Temasys Skyway provides developer tools that allow proof on concepts to be created in minutes, with APIs, SDKs and CMS (content management system) widgets,” he noted. “It also provides the infrastructure to create proof of scale within hours, agile scaling at web speed and an enterprise grade infrastructure to manage potentially hundreds of millions of users.”

With WebRTC, the US$30 billion enterprise communications market, the multi-billion dollar telecommunications and over-the-top (OTT) market, and the web applications market are likely to be disrupted. For instance, Viber, WeChat and Whatsapp currently lack video conferencing. WebRTC can let any of these players provide video, in addition to audio and chat services easily, securely, and at a low cost.

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With nearly US$2 million in angel/seed financing, and now raising Series A of about US$5 million, Temasys will be launching its web API, mobile SDKs for iOS and Android in June 2014. APIs for content management systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are slated for release in July 2014.

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