Wildfire appoints Sprice Founder as new CEO


Asia-centric social marketing company will be under the helm of Jérôme Thil, who is also former VP of Global Innovation of Travelport


Wildfire, the China and Asia-focused social marketing company that uses word-of-mouth as its way of spreading messages, will now be led by a new President and CEO with a huge startup know-how.

His name is Jérôme Thil, and he’ll be bringing 20 years of startup experiences from Asia and Europe to the social marketing company.

Thil’s previous stint was with Travelport, a company that he joined in 2013, as Vice President of Global Innovation. Prior to that, he was the Founder and CEO of travel search provider Sprice, a startup founded in 2010. From way back in 2000 up to now, he has founded and launched a number of startups including search engine and filtering technologies company Coelis and business intelligence management company Neotia.

Thil will replace Wildfire Co-founder Christoph Zrenner, who will be Head of Science and remain on the Board of Directors. Zrenner said that having Thil would help Wildfire expand. The company has grown rapidly; there are now 45 staff members in Singapore and Shanghai serving the Asia Pacific region. And importantly, its revenue tripled last year. Wildfire’s key customers include Starbucks, DSM, Unilever and Tesco.

“Wildfire has created a powerful platform for brands,” said new CEO Thil, “to listen to what customers are saying, engage influencers, and harness the power of social media to drive increased sales. Brands in Asia are looking to shift more of their media and research budgets to social marketing and Wildfire is well positioned to serve these clients.”

Jonathan Toyad

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