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News  18, Jun 2013

Zocial Inc looks to expand to Indonesia by July, partners MNC Group


Hand holding a Social Media 3d SphereZocial, a social monitoring tool, just announced yesterday that it will be expanding to Indonesia via its new partnership with MNC Group.

Zocial Inc, a social monitoring tool, has just announced yesterday that it will be expanding to Indonesia with its new partnership. Working together with MNC Group, an Indonesian media conglomerate, Zocial is planning to launch two key social media management tools, namely ZocialEye.com and ZocialRank.com, reaching out to more than 248 million consumers.

With this move into Indonesia marking Zocial’s maiden step out of Thailand, the company shared that it has plans to deploy its localized platform to the rest of Southeast Asia in conjunction with the new ASEAN Economic Community in the future. Zocial founder Pawoot Pongwittyapanu stated that Indonesia is a clear choice with its large — and incredibly social — audience, at more than 51 million users, according to the company.

Zocial shared that its first target would be to improve its system and understand customer behaviors on various social networks. This will require them to differentiate word sentiments — be it positive or negative — in Bahasa Indonesia.  The system, enabled to monitor conversations revolving around a brand or product, can also research information to find out what customers like or dislike about the service or product.

Partnering with MNC, Zocial will send employees from Thailand to Indonesia to get a good idea of what their customers are like in the largest country in Southeast Asia. The role of MNC, Pawoot explains, will be under sales and marketing, which includes data research and analysis for their customers. While they will have Thais to support the team in Indonesia, he is looking at having everything run by their local team with support from their headquarters. Zocial expects to form a team of about seven to nine people in the first three to six months.

Image Credit: Mass Relevance

Elaine Huang

Elaine Huang

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