First, we have people selling organs for an iPad, and now the continuity of the Human race is in jeopardy as 1 in 10 men surveyed would rather have an iPad than a girlfriend.

A new poll by, an online casino surveyed 600 people and found that 11 percent of single men would prefer a free iPad to a relationship.  Out of men already in a relationship, about three percent said they would dump their partner for an iPad. This comes after another recent survey showed that one in three people would rather give up sex for a week than their phone.

While the new iPad is packed with cool features, anyone considering upgrading to the iPad from a girlfriend should take note that there are certain features that the iPad lacks vs Girlfriend. For example sharing a bottle of champagne and a romantic meal with the iPad could result in electrical shock (if iPad is plugged in) or death of the iPad. On the other hand, your iPad will not slap you silly and kick you out of the house if you sleep with another iPad.