We have just completed Singapore and Malaysia Satellites in the last week with some awesome startups, and we are still craving for more. That’s why we are packing our bags again and heading down to Jakarta for the Indonesia Satellite in hopes of meeting more disruptive tech startups from one of the hottest startup environment in the region.

If you are in the vicinity, do drop by to join us. Like the previous two Satellites, there will be an exclusive Echelon 2011 ticket price for all Indonesia Satellite attendees.

Event Details:

Date: 29 April 2011

Time: 1:00pm – 6:30pm (GMT +07:00, Jakarta)

Venue: fCone, FX Plaza, Level 7, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan, Jakarta, 10270, Indonesia.


1:00pm  Lunch & Delegates registration.

2:20pm  Opening remarks, e27.

2:25pm   Pitches 1-10.

5:50pm   People’s Choice Award Voting and Winner.

6:30pm   Ends

Here is some background information on the 10 startups selected to pitch at the event.


With Southeast Asia brimming with all sorts of delicious food, it is really hard to spot the hot dishes from the not. Tasterous is a social food recommendation service that helps cut through all that clutter and direct foodies to the right oasis. We have just heard WootFood pitch at the Malaysia Satellite, mau tahu gimana cara Indonesia melakukannya? Here’s your chance to find out at the event.

PT. Sitoes Indonesia

Yet another food search tool for foodies, with a twist. Instead of having a solution that recommends good food around you, PT. Sitoes’ Goorme encourages users to build their taste profile which will allow the system to recommend dishes that fits their taste buds.


As their names suggests, NgaturDuit.com aims to help consumers keep track of their personal finances. The Mint.com-like company allows users to track transactions, maintain budgets and do financial analysis and planning. NgaturDuit.com partners with Aidil Akbar Financial Consultant,  the largest financial consultant group in Indonesia, to provide users with access to much needed financial consultation.

PT SixReps

Lacking the motivation to stick with that exercise or diet regime? Get in shape with the help of SixReps, a social network site that aims to connect fitness, diet and exercise enthusiast. The site links up members with the same interest with the hopes of creating a supportive community of active lifestyle individuals.

PT. Rocktokom

Is your social network getting too noisy? Rocktokom may have the solution with their product, Rockto, a social social recommendation site that allows people to share and receive their likes and interests. Rockto allows users to share their likes and interests through Twitter of Facebook and find out that their friends are in to with a simple follow/unfollow method which is fun.


PriceArea.com is search engine local online stores that seeks to connect shoppers with thousands of merchants. Think Google meets Amazon.com. PriceArea.com acts as an intermediary between online shoppers and retailers while providing value add services to ease the virtual shopping process, such as purchasing/retailing services, wishlist,  store locator, merchant reviews, advertising platform and much more.


So what do Gowalla, Foursquare, Yelp and Facebook Place have in common? They have an Achilles heel, internet connection. Without any internet connection, users of these check-in services will be left stranded. In comes Wooz.in with a low-tech solution, RFID. The Social Media extension integrates with radio-frequency, allowing users to create automatic status updates on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla by only tapping the RFID chip. The physical check-in method of Wooz.in’s product provides merchants with greater marketing powers.


ThinkRooms product, RServe, helps merchants create their own online reservation processing system easily. The service also processes online payments that goes with the reservations in order to offer buyer protection against possible unscrupulous merchants.


If you have tried driving on the streets in Jakarta, infolalulintas.com’s infoll.mobi will be a god sent. The mobile web application allows users to report localized traffic conditions on the go. In a rush to beat the jam? Tune in to infoll.mobi to identify heavily congested areas and select alternative routes.

PT. Phase Solusindo

Phase Solusindo aims to create more exposure for merchants’ brands using a similar location-based system that other successful companies such as Foursquare and Gowalla are using. WIth Bouncity, is a location location-based gaming platform that allows users to go to places, complete challenges and get rewarded. The fun-oriented system may hit the right note with users in encouraging them to spend more time with brands that are on Bouncity.

Information regarding judges for the Indonesia Satellite event can be found here