According to a research by TJinsite, a knowledge sub brand of, in spite of emergence of mobile as a first screen in the country, Indian organisations yet do not have comprehensive mobile recruitment strategies.

A recent report by IAMAI suggests that over 50 per cent of active internet users across both, rural and urban areas in India are accessing internet from their mobile phones. Prabhat Bhardwaj, Head – HR and Administration, Technopak Advisors, estimates that 85 per cent of the online operations by job seekers have shifted from personal computers to smartphones in the past two years, especially in metros and big cities.

However, organisations have failed to adapt to this medium, citing various corporate challenges, reveals the data. As per the study, 45 per cent of organisations polled are still apprehensive of implementing mobile device-based recruitment in the near future.

Sanjay Kapoor, Director and CEO, IRIS Corporate Solutions believes that maturity and awareness on the part of both, the recruiter and candidate is holding recruitment on the medium back. “Mobile is not yet established as a globally recognised recruitment tool. India will take another five years to actually employ it as a core recruitment tool,” he added.

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Major reasons listed by companies highlight that while mobile has been accepted as a device of convenience in India, it is still not considered as a trusted communication platform.

About, 41 per cent of the polled organisations said that they did not focus on recruiting through mobile because the staff leaders were not well versed with the technique. Forty four per cent respondents said that a mobile recruitment policy may lack reliability as there is no one app that works across all platforms. Twenty six per cent of the respondents feared security collapse in a mobile recruitment system.

All is not lost
Nonetheless, there are certain employers who agree that mobile recruitment could have certain advantages and wish to use the medium soon.

Fifty eight per cent employers believe mobile recruitment is an easy and quick; 29 per cent of the employers said they shall implement mobile recruitment in the next six months, while 24 per cent organisations plan to target prospective candidates through mobile with the help of internal staff.

“With the escalating war for high performance talent, mobile recruitment’s ease of access, highest reach, high interactivity and shortest response time will ensure we will constantly develop new ways for India Inc. to reach out to the mobile user, with the hope of increased engagement and further visibility. As always, it will be the early adopters who’ll benefit the most from this shift to the mobile screen,” said Vivek Madhukar, COO, Times Business Solutions Limited, company that owns

While big organisations have been shying away from mobile as a potential recruitment tool, startups seem to be leveraging it. Of all the people leading the charge, 45 per cent comprise startups and SMBs, wherein 32 per cent of these startups have deployed mobile recruitment system for ease of use and cost savings.

According to a report by Gartner, smartphone sales have increased by 166.8 per cent in India, making it the world’s fastest growing smartphone market, in the last quarter of 2013. With the smartphone market on rise and 4G on the way, sooner or later employers are bound to join the mobile recruitment bandwagon.

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