Health is something that money cannot buy. Human beings rely very much on the workings of our body thus we need to maintain our body, making sure that it works like a well-oiled machinery.

This week, e27 brings to you 5 iOS apps that would enhance your relationship with your mind, health and body.  The apps are chosen because of their fun factor. Keeping healthy need not be boring and restrictive as these apps would prove.

All featured apps are free to download on the App Store.

Exercise does not have to be mundane. Gather your friends and compete against each other. Earn points as you complete a physical activity and level up along the way. Aim to achieve medals. Keep track of your progress and tweet about it with the in-app tweet page. I like how this app takes a potentially painful habit of exercising and makes it fun with game elements. Gamification!

Instant Heart Rate
Ever found the need to keep track of your heart rate? No longer do you have to keep one eye on the second hand of your watch as you keep count of your heart beat. Download Instant Heart rate and allow your iPhone to do it all for you. I find that this app is a really innovative use of the iPhone camera. By placing your finger fully on the camera, the app is able to detect the changes in colour as blood rushes to your fingertip when your heart pumps!

Healthy Chef
Even if you are currently on a diet, it does not mean that you have to be restricted to eating just fruits and vegetables. Explore other food choices that are just as healthy with Healthy Chef. Search for recipes under the category “Calories” and cook up a healthy storm. The ability to add ingredients to a shopping list is handy too. Read this post about Healthy Chef to learn more. Though it might be on a different platform, the functionalities of the app remains the same.

The Eatery
Ever wondered whether you are eating right? The Eatery allows you to snap a photo of your food and prompts you to rate it on a scale of fat or fit. Other users of the app would then be able to see your contribution and rate it as well. Now you get community feedback about the apparent health value of your meal and you can make adjustments to your meal plans accordingly. The pictures of all that food sure whet my appetite…

Office Jerk
There is always that one person in office that gets on your nerves. Spare a thought for your mental health and vent with this game- Office Jerk. A mindless game, various objects are made available for you to throw at the annoying colleague. This game would definitely earn more brownie points if the face of the real jerk could be superimposed onto the cartoon character!