In the month of February, the highly anticipated holiday for couples- Valentine’s Day, approaches. Fret not if you have yet to start your preparations for e27 is here to help by sourcing out 5 apps that would gear you towards surviving Valentine’s Day!

e27-surviving V-day

While the notion of Valentine’s Day as a commercialised holiday is not far from the truth and haters will be haters, there is no doubt that many couples still partake in this tradition of romanticising each other on this predetermined day. Whether this day is a success or a failure still ultimately depends on the skills of the man in the relationship. As such, I shall endeavor to pick out 5 apps for the pants-wearers out there.

SG Florist

e27-SG Florist

A bouquet of flowers adorning the arms of your date elevates her status amongst other females. To preserve feminine pride, do consider investing in a presentable bouquet. SG Florist app allows users to purchase flowers on the go with fully integrated credit card and Paypal payment options. Their services are a tad expensive but for the convenience and quality, it might be well worth it.


French is hailed as the language of love. Serenade her with the sounds of the French language by first mastering key phrases taught in this app. Better yet, if you have chosen to patronise a French restaurant, impress your lady by placing your order in French!


“A hungry man is an angry man”, I am sure we have all heard of that! In order to ensure that your date goes well, make sure you treat yourself as well as your date to a nice dinner. Scout for the desirable dinning place with the use of this app. With the testimony of others as well as a whole array of mouth watering photos, you are well disposed to make a good decision. Tip: Source out the desired place with a friend prior to the day to learn “the lay of the land” and start making your bookings well in advance!

18,000 Cool Jokes Free

e27-18,000 Cool Jokes Free
A commonly listed quality that a woman looks out for in a man is a sense of humour. This app is jam-packed with jokes that would crack anybody up. Just read through the app and pick out a few favourite ones and work them into your conversations. Be careful when you crack the jokes, don’t go cracking them when she is chewing her food or reaching for the wine!


Keeping track of your expenditure this Valentines’ Day is made much easier with the Lemon app that incorporates an OCR (optical character recognition) technology that reads your receipts and does your accounting for you. Do not worry if you have no physical receipt as you can easily key in purchases manually too.

Hopefully, armed with the above apps, you are better equipped to impress the girl of your dreams on that special day.

All above apps are available on the App Store, free for download.