HR specialists and managers should keep in mind that staff members represent the immense strength of any company, let it be a small business or a big corporation. The failure to understand it leads to poor human resources management, employee disengagement and deep dissatisfaction, which may put the whole enterprise in financial hardships.

To keep away from unfavourable outcomes and business failures, company’s key leaders have to avoid committing some common errors. This article features an array of typical mistakes and offers handy tips on successful HR management.

Mediocre onboarding

It’s not enough to entice top-notch experts to the organisation; It’s also vital to retain and effectively engage them. So, remember to devote particular attention to the onboarding process within the firm. Introduce new hires in an interesting way and make them feel valued from the very beginning. Acquaint them with your company’s infrastructure, business goals, and core values, and provide comfortable working conditions.

Beyond that, try to come up with your own unique strategy aimed at uniting the whole team, highlighting the corporate culture’s significance and showing onboardees the way towards their complete integration. You can also check remarkable employee onboarding practices implemented by well-known leading corporations and gain inspiration.

Lack of clear rules

Improve your onboarding process by introducing an employee handbook that is so essential for your relationship with new hires. Give those books out together with contracts as an indispensable attachment, so that employees can obtain precise information and learn important details on policies, holidays, notice periods, sick and maternity leave, etc.

In addition, you can adopt Valve’s idea and make this handbook more fun to read. In such a case you will engage the staff even more, and this will help them to effectively and quickly perceive the data.

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Extremely high expectations

We are all human beings who quite often err. Bear this fact in mind before criticising your subordinates for some failures. Your employees are not Swiss mechanisms; They have certain weaknesses that may negatively influence their activities.

Even best leaders are not afraid of failures. So, instead of putting additional pressure on team members and causing acute stress, motivate them to be strong and mature enough to admit mistakes; Help them learn from those errors and move forward.

Poor feedback

Immediate feedback is crucial for effective communication within the company. Employees work hard, be it be for the sake of promotion, in chase of self-satisfaction and personal growth, or an attempt to contribute to the company’s overall success. So, it’s logical they need constructive feedback from their managers to be able to overcome major drawbacks and boost efficiency.

Get the most out of your staff members: Track their success, give them valuable advice, provide helpful tips, and guide, curate, and motivate them. Don’t hesitate — you will certainly reach employee satisfaction, fruitful collaboration, high retention, and you will be proud of the team.

There’s still something to strive for, and managers are not an exception. That’s why do not feel ashamed to ask for feedback from your workforce. You are sure to get much precious information to improve your management practices.

Inaccurate records

Don’t underestimate the importance of well-maintained employee records. Make sure your HR department keeps all the necessary files in order (a personnel file, a medical file, payroll and I-9 files), timely updates the relevant data and doesn’t share staff personal information with colleagues and third parties.

Accurate records also matter when it comes to taxation and migration controls. Be ready to show all the needed documentation if someone brings a case against your company to court. If this work is done carelessly you may face stiff fines, thus, increasing enterprise costs. Moreover, you can stay away from this unnecessary trouble by employing custom document management software aimed at automating the process of records keeping.

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To conclude, remember that your staff members are the heart of your firm, and it’s impossible to reach success if the organisation doesn’t function as the whole organism. That’s why pay assiduous attention to how you manage and engage employees and try to avoid common mistakes.


Yana Yelina is a Tech Journalist at, a custom software development company with 250+ specialists. Yana contributes to such websites as ITProPortal, Business2Community, ERE Media, Recruiter, Glassdoor, UXMatters, and more. In her articles she covers HR, healthcare, IoT, social media and marketing, e-commerce, etc. You can reach Yana at [email protected].

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