CleantechDue to its relatively small size, the limited number of resources it has, as well as its increasingly urbanized atmosphere, Singapore has long been a huge advocate in moving toward renewable energy and energy efficient technologies. In line with that goal, industrial landlord JTC Corporation is developing CleanTech Park to advance Singapore’s position as an innovative clean technology and sustainability hub in the global marketplace.

CleanTech Park (CTP), a 50-ha eco-business park, the first of its kind for the country, will be a test bed to stretch the boundaries of sustainable technologies, including green building and system-level clean tech solutions. CTP is set for completion in 2030.

Of course, along with the national agenda to push for more clean tech solutions, we can definitely expect to hear news of more startups in the vertical sprouting out over the next few years. If you are in this space, here are five venture capital funds you need to know:

1. Clearbridge Accelerator

Clearbridge Accelerator is a Singapore-based National Research Foundation (NRF) backed technology commercializer and incubator. Their investment focus areas are in biomedical devices, advanced materials and computational algorithms. Some of its existing portfolio companies include:

  • Clearbridge BioMetrics – Breakthrough invention using bio-mechanical properties instead of biomarkers to isolate rare circulating tumor cells from whole patient blood
  • Clearbridge BioLoc – An elegant, extremely cost effective, robust platform for any standard immunoassay test.
  • Clearbridge NanoMedics – Focus on utilizing base technologies on nanofiber manufacturing to produce bio-resorbable nanofiber scaffolding
  • Clearbridge VitalSigns – a wearable heart waveform cardiac monitoring digital ECG plaster that can be simply adhered to a patient’s chest to gather and log vital human signals.

2. Small World Group

Small World Group is also another Singapore NRF backed incubator. SWGI focuses on three areas of technology innovation – clean tech, optical systems and advanced materials. Some of its existing portfolio includes:

  • Green Koncepts – focuses on monitoring and control systems for building energy and water usage
  • Green Line Innovation- focuses on partnering with clean tech companies to be their bridge to Asia-based high volume manufacturing at lower costs.
  • Third Wave Power- a personal electrical power generation, storage and use – the Swiss army knife of electrical power for the deep third world
  • Wise Water – develops an energy efficient apparatus to produce purified water from salt water or wells that have heavy metals or fluoride

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3. iGlobe partners

Founded in 1999, iGlobe is headquartered in Singapore, with presence in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and Auckland (NZ). Under its Platinum Fund, they invest in Clean technology, which includes Renewable Energy, Water Treatment Technologies, Smart Power Management and Energy efficiency, as well as Storage Technologies. One of its portfolio company in Singapore is Anacle Systems, a physical asset life-cycle management and energy efficiency company.

4. Vertex Venture Holdings

Vertex Venture Holdings is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, investing in emerging companies and leading venture capital funds throughout Greater Asia and the US. To date, Vertex has invested in more than 350 startup companies in the Pan Pacific and other regions, primary fund commitments to over 90 third party venture capital and private equity funds in the US, Europe and Asia, with a total deployed capital in excess of US$1.2 billion. Vertex has made investments into Taiwanese and US-based clean tech companies.

5. Red Dot Ventures

Established in 2011, Red Dot Ventures (RedDot) is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on Singapore-based high-tech startups in areas including ICT, Interactive Digital Media (IDM), MedTech, Nanotech, CleanTech, and Engineering. Red Dot is also a Singapore NRF-backed incubator, and has invested in GCoreLabs, a dedicated Singapore based clean tech thermal management company, is engaged in the research and development of thermal management system for the next generation of electrical vehicles.

Organized by the National Research Foundation under the Prime Minister Office, Techventure conference will feature keynotes on clean energy trends, the convergence of healthcare and information technology as well as various clean energy tracks.

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